I'm back to announce the WiNNER of the Flourish Frame GiVEAWAY & the lucky person is .......
{the turquoise ribbon should be a hint....} 

*- TEXiE -* 
Congratulations Tex, the turquoise frame will be coming your way soon!  

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  I was a little under the weather on Saturday {Yuck!} but it was the perfect day to just stay in bed & watch some TV because there was something wonderful on most of the day. Sunday was much better made this with my girls in the morning & then we watched TV again in the morning & then loaded up the car & headed to Grandma's house.  It was a great day. 
-Yes, that's a GiaNT Cinnamon roll in a pizza pan. We make it every Conference Sunday. So yummy- glad we have leftovers to eat this morning too!- 

Now I'm off with 90+ 4th graders on a fieldtrip for the day. 
{wish me LuCK!} 



MelanieBrenchley said...

Have fun on the field trip! You are so great to help out.

That cinnamon roll looks to die for! I'll for sure have to try that.

Texie B said...


Erin said...

Ok...I am SO bummed I did not win! However I would LOVE to buy 2 of your frames if they are for sell...are they?!

If you could email me, my email is!

I am doing a nursery for baby #3 to come (in 4 short weeks) and I think the grey and turquoise frames would add the PERFECT touch!


Honeybee said...

Hi Erin, yes I will email you & yes, I could get you some frames no problem ;) I'll be in touch.