Weekend wrap up

Stopped by Piper & Chloe on Friday to get a quick snapshot with all the Piper & Chloe girls that make it all happen.  {Aren't they all adorable!}  
Thanks girls for inviting H&H to come to the show & for being so fabulous to work with.

-Sisters- Christelle, Ashley, Lacey, {M}e, Tiffany & their Mom, Pamela- 

Hope you were able to go & check out the show.  I just had a grab me some handmade soap from Beehive Soaps
{just because I loved the name & it all smelled heavenly!} 
& some Carmel chocolate pretzels for my Schmoopie & I to enjoy on the way home.  

We went down to the City for the day to explore the new City Creek Shopping Center a bit.  Which is amazing by the way & this was my favorite store there. I knew I loved it before but after seeing it in it's new element-, even better!  Have you seen it yet?  
-What an incredible store- step into it & all of the sudden you're taken to a entirely different place. I kept telling my husband it's like we're in a completely hidden underworld or something-

Saturday morning I went & watched my #2 play her 1st soccer game of the season & she scored 4 goals! Wow, way to go Audji!  It was a fun game & I was glad it wasn't raining or snowing either- that's always no fun. 

 Then my 3 sisters came up for a visit in the afternoon & we laughed, did some Zumba dances, chatted & they helped me finish a project I was working on.  
{I'll tell you more about it tomorrow} 
They even stuck around to help make dinner w/ Miss Mace while I went down, with one of my sisters help, to pack up P&C - thanks A, B & V for the fun day. 

And look what I got to come home with from the 
Whimsy Cupcake Girls- Yum-E!  
{My family was so excited! I'm glad my sisters were here too so I didn't have to eat them all myself} 
-look they even made sure there was PLeNTY of my favorite choc. blue coconut ones- so nice!- 

Now it's Sunday.. I love Sunday's don't you?  I enjoy being with my family, going to church & surrounded by friends & neighbors & then always a Sunday afternoon or evening walk around the neighborhood. 
{Hoping it will be warm enough to do that today}  
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend & have a relaxing Sunday today. Thanks for stopping by!



Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Thanks for letting us hang out with you guys. It was fun! Those chocolate coconut cupcakes are to die for!

Honeybee said...

I know, sooo good! I'm glad you were all here to enjoy them with us. Thanks again for all your help!