A glorious day


  Just wanted to show you what is bursting forth in our family room today- that's right PoPCorn PoPPing right before our eyes. We have 2 pear trees in our yard that have needed a prune for quite some time so this weekend it was nice enough to go out & get some yard work done.  The trees were just about to blossom so I grabbed some of the branches, put them in a vase & sat them {proud & center} on our sofa table in the family room. 

Oh, they just brighten up the whole space, I love it!! 
I also love a couple of the treasures I picked up at the Queen Bee Market this weekend.  
{Just had to go check it out- because I loved the name ;) } 

I bought an old metal price tag, didn't really know where I would place it  {I picked #5 for the #of people in my family}but I thought right in among all the branches would be a cute little spot.

I also saw & snatched up this letter Y. 
It was just to perfect to pass up. I'm a sucker for anything vintage with cracked paint, anything nostalgic & was once a part of an old sign.  Can't wait for Football season to start this Fall so I can proudly display it in our family room.
-Goooo Cougars!- 

Today is a Bee.U.Ti.FUl day. The ski is blue & not a cloud in the sky.  The girls & I walked to & from church & it was so delightful. Love feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, seeing colorful tulips & things starting to sprout & green up. Hope you are having a wonderful day too. 
{wherever you may be}  



lesa said...

That was fun! I can't wait for K to visit from HI to show her some of the little things I purchased. It was fun seeing you there.

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

So jealous of that Y! It is perfect. Only 19 more Saturdays until the first game!

Natalie said...

Oh I love it!!! Makes me happy too :)

Aleshia said...

LOVE the Y - cant wait for football season also. Got your tickets ordered? We do!! GO COUGARS!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how you change up your space and keep it fresh with the way you decorate. and I can't wait to check out the chicken feeders at the next Hive