One of the reasons I enjoy having this blog is the opportunity to share so many different things with you.
{I hope you enjoy it too} 
 Sometimes it might not be anything big or too worthwhile or it might be something that I've created, been inspired by, what I am up to for the day, my family life & my business. 

-A pic from my Cultivate planning luncheon yesterday. Oh..... so many fabulous ideas were discussed & shared- LoVE it!  Can't wait for the Swap- it's going to be a party.  Thanks Sheryl for the scrumptious coconut cupcake- 

So it got me thinking that I can't be the only one with a business or a blog to share.  I know many of you but would LOVE to follow  your blogs & see what you are up too + I would love to share & hightight it with all of my H&H followers & likers on FaceBook too.  
{Making NeW connections are really the best thing ever!} 

So hop on over to the H&H FaceBook page & share a link to your blog, website or business. I will be happy to take a peek & leave a comment or 2. 
{trust me, I'm not afraid ;) }
Plus, I'd be happy to like your business, if you tell me about it, on FaceBook {if you have a page}
**Just because this post is a couple of days old you can STiLL go over & share a link to your blog or business- don't be shy.  THaNKS to everyone who has shared, so fun!**

I'm sure you all have something wonderful to share & something that will teach, inspire or encourage me. 
-I can't wait to see all the new places I'll get to go- 

As always thanks for always stopping by. 
I'm off to straighten, clean out & organize my craft room today so I can have a clean slate to start creating some things for my next H&H show
{yep, you heard it here first!  Coming soon in June}
-More info. to come- 



Katrine said...

I love the idea of having planning lunches. I really need to begin this in my life!

Honeybee said...

Yes, you should Katrine. We have a set day & time each month & it works out great. Planning ahead & just saving the date is the way to go :)

Amber Sargent said...

Melissa, This is such a fun idea. It's a great way to connect to other women who simply love to create in so many different form!
Thanks for stopping by. I keep wanting to meet you I would love to come to a swap!

Amy said...

I have been anxiously awaiting details about your swap ever since I found out about it, I think it sounds like so much fun!

Honeybee said...

Thanks for your comments girls. Yes, I will keep you posted on how you can come to the 365 Swap. Details coming next week!!