Brag for a Bit {My 3}

Oh, I'm just bursting with pride as a Mom today!  
{Don't you love those days & just want to cherish them!} 
I had one of those moments last night where you see how fantastic your kids are & that they really do listen 
{sometimes you never know} 
& learn what you try & teach them each & every day.  

My husband & I were able to go to the Jazz Basketball game last night.  It went into TRiPLE overtime so needless to say we got home A LoT later than we were planning on.  We had left the girls at home & just figured they would fall asleep on their own & we'd tuck them in when we got home.  

On the drive home from Salt Lake City I realized that with all the commotion & busy stuff I had to help out with for Teacher Appreciation yesterday I had only gotten 1/2 of our laundry done.  Our bed was completely covered with folded clothes that I would have to put away when I got home. 
{Don't you hate that?}  

When we walked in the door this is what I saw- my 3 cute girls all snuggled up fast asleep in our bed.  
- I love that the 3 pillow is right by them, so perfect! A memory I always want to remember- 
They had 
{all by themselves, I might add} 
washed & folded the rest of the remaining laundry, matched the socks, put their clothes away in the laundry baskets, cleared off our bed, crawled in & fell fast asleep.  
-How amazing is that?!?- 
{Maybe this happens at your home on a regular basis, if so count yourself LuCKY!} 

I was so happy to see that they saw something that needed to be done, did it {without being asked by me} & worked together to accomplish it. Oh, it made me so happy!! 

Thanks for letting me share my joy!

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