Domestic Diva Day

This is an H&H frame I took & displayed in the Teachers Lounge last week but I'm thinking it's going to be 
my motto for the day!! 

I think it can even apply to small everyday things as well.... so today I'm excited to:

-clean out the fridge {1/2 way done}
- washing & folding loads of laundry {started}
-going grocery shopping
-cleaning out the utensil drawer 
- putting away all the stuff that's been accumulating at the top of the stairs that needs to be put away in storage

It's all how you look at it right? I'm excited to get to stay home today {for the most part} & get some things accomplished around here. Hoping you have a productive day too.  


-P.S. What's on your list today?- 


Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

I have to do my laundry tonight because I have NO clean clothes left. I wished I had three helpers like you do who could help me out. :)

Candice said...

I've been doing bathrooms, laundry and trying to get my office area put back together from putting in new flooring. Not even close to done with that.

Honeybee said...

I got everything done on my list ahhh.... it's a nice feeling. Hope you got everything done too that you wanted to Candice & Becca. Thanks for the comments.