A fresh up-date!


  I was inspired {thanks to Pinterest} to do a little simple, easy to do in a day, project.  A big thanks to my friend, {T} too for telling me where to go to get some WaSHi Tape
{that I have wanted to get for awhile now- it's all the rage. It's a paper tape so you can just rip or tear it- no scissors needed! Do you have some in your junk/scrapbook drawer?}  
Next time you're at Target check out the stationary aisle & you'll find some tape sold in a pack of 4 rolls.  I got the torqoiuse/green colored theme but there was also a blue pack for only $4.00.  I was excited to bring them home to give a little "update" to my calendar. 

-So BlaH, Boring & sad!- 

-Exciting, fresh & HaPPY!- 
Doesn't it look better?  I love it!  I'm also realizing as a WaSHi taped all our Summer agenda in that I know of so far it's going to be a busy one! I gave a specific color of tape to each person in our family so that it's all color coded.  Gotta love a splash of color to brighten up things! 

Thought it was such a great idea.  You can see the original source of inspiration by going to my Pinterest board & looking under Creative Inspiration. For some reason it wasn't letting me embed the photo so I could show you. 

Have a happy day! 


Tausha said...

I love this idea! I think that I am going to head to target and get myself some tape and copy my wonderfully, talented friend! Love ya girl!

Honeybee said...

So glad you told me about the find. Thanks friend :)

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

So cute! Love the colors. I just bought some online and I can't wait for it to get here!

Honeybee said...

Did you get them from Pick your Plum? I just ordered me some too- happy colors!!

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

No, there was a deal on Very Jane the other day. I want to get the ones on Pick Your Plum, but I bought a TON from Very Jane so I best wait. I'll have to show you what I got when they come. I went a tad overboard!

I'm sad because I really like the ones on Pick Your Plum today.