Postage, pebbles & postcards


  Hi, all!  Thanks for following along as I recapped our road trip.   So much fun & can't wait to go back.  
While I was away I showed you a tradition we have in our family that perfectly adds as home decor too.  Our vacation sand & postcard collection.  

I thought it would be fun to share a few pics of purchasing, collecting & sending some of those on our trip as a follow up to my blog post.  
{If you missed it or don't know what I'm talking about go HERE}

 Holding a hand full of postcards to send home to our girls & to each other from Detroit, Lake George & Vermont. 

We used up a LoT of stamps on this trip.  We grabbed postcards from every place we visited.  Need to buy a new sheet of stamps to keep on hand for the next trip.  

 A fun new things we discovered on this trip is vintage postcards.  There were all over the place at antique stores in the Northeast.  I've never seen so many & that they were organized so nicely too.  You could look up almost any city, lake or beach you were at & find old postcards.  Tyler bought these 2 to send home to me from 2 of the places we stopped, Old Orchard Beach, Maine & Lake Sunapee N.H.  I especially love the Old Orchard Beach one because that is exactly how the beach looked the day we stopped by 
{The only difference is that the people in the postcard were wearing more clothing than what we saw that day on the beach ;)}  

 Just look at that postcard!  That's when you know it is truly vintage, a 1 cent stamp is all that was needed back then.  Love it!  Me with a lap full of postcards to finish writing on before we headed for home. 

Of coarse we had to collect some sand to bring home with us too.  Glad we stopped by Old Orchard Beach, loved the name & getting to play in the sand for a bit & putting our tootsies in the water. Love our sand collection & the memories it brings whenever I see all the bottles lined up on the shelves.  

 My hubby, Ty jotting down a few thoughts to send back home to the girls over breakfast in Vermont.  We always divide up who to write too so that they get cards from both of us & then we each send one to each other. 

Grateful for traditions & things we do together to preserve memories for our family.  It's been a fun collection to watch grow over the years & I look forward to seeing many more memories added to our shelves & postcard holder. 

*-I'd love to hear from you!  What are some things you do to save memories from great vacations?-


*be back next week to show you some of the antiques that I found & brought home. 

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Natalie said...

I love your postcard idea - really it is such a great concept. I decided I need to travel much much more so I could do the same. So glad you had a wonderful trip, friend :)