Antique shopping!


 Let me just say at the beginning of this post that I wish we would have had a U-Haul with us instead of a little Chevy Malibu & that I could take home tons with me on the plane. Oh. My.Goodness!  We stopped at so many antique stores & little shops on our road trip of all shapes & sizes, organized, messy ones & enjoyed every second of it.  

Grateful to have a hubby who enjoys looking at antique stores, junk, rusty things as much as I do.  This whole trip was his idea {by the way} & that we would just meander & stop wherever we wanted to along the way.  I left behind SO MuCH STuFF that I would have loved to take home with me but just didn't have the room.  I did realize have way through our trip that next time I am just going to budget in cost for shipping things home & not even think twice about it. 
{It's worth it to me not to have regrets about it.  Because there is one thing I left behind in Rochester, Vermont that I still think about :( } 

So here are a few of the treasures that I found: 

Of coarse on the top of my list is pop bottles!  If I find a bottle from the state that we are visiting in, done deal it's mine I'm taking it home.  Much more fun that way. One of my goals on this trip was to find an orange or black one 
{starting to dream about a Halloween pop bottle display}  
Lucky, for me a found a bottle with both.  Check! 

 I'm a sucker for anything vintage school related 
{must be the teacher in me!} 
but I scored some cool flashcards & a few other things to bring home.  Love the old boxes they came in too. I also love old tins, I have a collection of them. Just adore the colors & the olden days they represent.  These old milk bottle caps were cool- loved the color of them.  Maybe they'll become a garland or something, we'll see. 

I also found this vintage game that comes with adorable miniature alphabet playing cards.  Oooh, can't wait to use these around the house & for something H&H-y. Stay tuned!! How cute are these little mesh milk bottle caps.  I was so intrigued by them I just had to grab a bundle.  Also one thing I've started to do when I travel & shop at antique stores is to purchase a Christmas Ornament to add to my vintage ornament collection.  When I saw this beaded star with 6 mercury glass balls on it I just knew this was the treasure from this trip to add to the collection.  

I also snagged an old Vermont Syrup tin that I absolutely love & it ties in perfectly with my vintage kitchen decor. 
{I showed it on Instagram if  you follow me there} 

Lessons learned from this trip: 
-Pay to ship stuff home!
-Bring an empty suitcase 
-Bring a large box in a suitcase so I have a big box to ship everything home. 
-Don't leave anything I love behind!
{easier said than done ;)} 


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Natalie said...

Ooooo - I love your antique school finds - those are a favorite for me too. Great collecting - can't wait to see how you use them :)