Green with envy!


  Oh, Dorothy I'm sure you were! Thought this artwork hanging up at the Amee Farms summed up pretty well how I was feeling about experiencing Vermont for the first time. It sure looked like the Emerald City to me.  

One last view of the charming Bed & Breakfast we stayed at.  That is our bedroom window, cracked open to hear the stream that is just outside.  Oh, I just adored this place.  I want to go back & stay in every single room.  
{But I think that room #6 really is the best, I mean its the pic they put on all their brochures} 

A few lovely decor ideas I took away from our stay there & want to incorporate into our home in one way or another. These simple dreamy headboard.  So charming & sweet.  

Thought this log circles turned into artwork was really cool!  Since we have piles of wood in our garage I think it will be something to add to the honey to-do list for our bedroom or family room. 
{Maybe I'll ask put this on my Christmas list} 

 I'll never forget the moss covered stone steps leading up to the green lawn at Amee Farms.  

The time finally came for us to load up the car & take off down the open road.  I wore my green cardigan for the day in honor of being in the Green Mountain State.  
I wanted to show my love! 

 This was my view the entire trip.  Thanks to my hubby for driving the whole way so I could take pics, enjoy looking out the window & dreaming of coming back here someday soon. 

A must stop when you're in Vermont, or at least all the tourists say.   Ben & Jerry's!!  A much needed hit of sugar to get us through a day of driving.  A very fun, happy & colorful place to say the least.  
 I love a good quote & thought that what Jerry said was great.  

You scream, I scream we all scream for Ice Cream. Cherry Garcia for me {the #1 all time flavor} & Mint Choc. Chip for him.  Such big huge cones, we were totally full for most of the rest of the day.  
{Went with the cone- Save the Enviorment ;)} 

 After Ben & Jerry's we hit a couple of Antique stores 
{I'll share some pics of the goods I found later} 
& then headed up to Sharon, Vermont.  I'd never been there so I wanted us to stop by.  It was a beautiful day.  Love how the clouds look in this picture.  That monument is much more impressive in person, really tall, 38 1/2 feet in fact.  Such a wonderful tribute to a amazing man & Prophet, Joseph Smith.  
Another picture perfect postcard of Vermont.  A tall white steeple poking out of the trees.  This time it was our church standing out along the countryside.  Loved that!!
Something about the contrast between the white & green that is everywhere is so picturesque.  
-I'm a Mormon.  Go here to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints-  
After a trip to the Joseph Smith Birthplace site we stopped off at a local burger stand, Sandy's for dinner.  Yum!  These burgers hit the spot- so good.  We didn't even put a dent into the large order of Onion Rings. Hmmm.... probably should have ordered the small. 

 Sad to say this is my only pic of New Hampshire.  We really just cruised through it. 
 {I think we loved our time in Vermont too much!}  
Next time we visit I want to walk around & stay in the area around Darmouth College, go to Hampton Beach 
{where my Grandparents used to live} 
& dip my toes in Lake Winnipesaukee. 
**{Quick.... Name that movie! I sail, I'm a sailor} 
One of my all-time favorite movies! 
I'm giggling just thinking about it. 
What is it?  

I really am jealous of everyone who gets to live in this beautiful part of the country.  Get to wake up to those views every morning & drive those streets everyday as they're out & about.  So green & glorious!  



sandals said...

What about Bob...and a quote I love from that movie is "Is this hand-shucked?" (referring to the corn he was eating) hahaha! LOVE that movie! Love your style! Candice Schenk told me about you and how much I would love your style and she was right! thanks for sharing your creativity!

Anonymous said...

What about Bob - Good morning, Gil. I said good morning, Gil.

Lisa Smith

Vanessa Hall said...

That movie is the best. "I'm baby stepping. I'm doing the work. Gimme, gimme, gimme. I need. I need." What about Bob is a classic. Love it. "Is that the fam?"

Natalie said...

A Classic - "What about Bob"...favorite line we use on Road Trips....

"What if I'm looking for a bathroom, I can't find one, and my bladder explodes?"

JenBowles said...

Well...I finally sat down for a few and its I haven't seen "What about Bob" in forever...but here's what I found ;)

Dr. Leo Marvin: I want some peace and quiet!
Bob Wiley: Well, I'll be quiet.
Siggy: I'll be peace!

Hope it brings me LuCK!!!
Jen :)

JenBowles said...

p.s. I LoVe all your pics from your trip, you've convinced me that I need to go someday. :)
Tomorrow I'll read the rest...super tired from a very long couple of weeks around here!

karenc said...

What about Bob? "Death Therapy , Bob. It's a guaranteed cure"

Yayamama56 said...

Thank you for sharing your road trip :-)