I'm in LoVE!


   I'm back from a whirlwind trip of traveling 5 states in 6 days with my hubby. If you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you saw some of the pics that I posted during our trip. After starting with a bit of a rocky start 
{flight cancelled & unexpected night in Detroit}  
that resulted in going to the ballpark & watching the Tigers play the White Sox which was a fun surprise, the rest of the trip was fabulous.  

We decided to have a "freestyling" road trip. 
{We took this term from the American Pickers}  
We traveled the back roads of Upstate NY into Vermont, through New Hampshire & finally into Maine.  I really enjoyed our time meandering through small towns, amid all the thousands of trees & taking our time with no real agenda in mind.  Made for a relaxing vacation.  

Since my blog is kind of like a journal for me, I thought it would be fun to look back & share a few of the things I adored & learned on our trip with all of you.
-Waiting in the car outside of Sharon, Vermont while my hubby talks to an Arborist to get some wood to bring home & turn on his lathe.  He makes some amazing things!-

Took a quick stop in Saratoga Springs, NY.  It was simply delightful. Wish we would have had more time to check out the town.  It was fun to feel completely embedded into the horse racing lifestyle.  Loved seeing all the old stables, horses & vintage charm of this area.  I also adored all the handwritten & painted signs around the track.  Why can't things be more like that now?  

Miss simpler times.
{Sometimes I really think I was born in the wrong era, as I'll continue to show you throughout this post} 
-Notice the horseshoe hanging on the top- nice touch!- 
 We then traveled up to Lake George, NY & a trip out to find Burgess Island.  This island was named after one of my hubby's relative. He came over to fight for the British in the Revolutionary War as a paid solidier.  
{Oh, I learned so much about these guys in College with my History major.  Very Cool!} 
He loved it here so much, changed the spelling of his last name & stayed here at Lake George.  I could see why he did it is gorgeous!  It would be a fun vacation spot for a family trip. 

-Burgess Island has 5 campsites on it- so pretty big compared to all the other little islands on the lake- 
 Then we crossed the state line into Vermont & my heart skipped a beat.  I think I'm in love!!  From the moment we hit all the green hills & open pastures I felt like I was home. We totally lucked out & found the most charming Bed & Breakfast to stay at for the night, right off the side of the road.  Amee Farms in Pittsfield, Vermont.  
{If you're headed this way & want a fabulous place to stay, go here. You won't be dissapointed!} 
-We drove past this & I made Ty turn around.  Luckily they weren't booked & we got a room. LoVED it!!-

When we drove up the driveway & saw this sign I just knew we would enjoy our stay.  

Across the street is the actual Amee Farm with fresh fruits & veggies.  Thought these garden rocks were charming all placed together on a wooden stump.  Inspiration for our garden at home.  

 The view we had from the Bed & Breakfast on the huge wrap around porch.  Such a great place to sit, unwind after a long day of driving & take in all the amazing hills of Vermont. 

 Our kind of place. Nice, clean & unique.  Our room {there were 16 rooms to choose from} was on the bottom floor had 2 windows & a door to the back of the house.  There was a stream in the backyard so we opened the window at night & listened to the water.  It was heavenly!! 
-Thanks to my Hubby, Ty, for planning our freestyling road trip. It was so great. Love spending time with this guy.- 
 Lots of these all throughout Vermont, everything you need in one place. Love a good general old school store.  
 Thought these mason jars filled with goodies were sweet.  Not to mention syrup, EVERYWHERE!  We were definately in the Green Mountain state that is covered with Maple trees. 
 Nothing like fresh blueberry pancakes & pure maple syrup to start your day. 

-A country centerpiece- charming!- 
Just had to take a pic of this on the side of the General Store.  A piece of Americana in Vermont. 

-Our ride for the whole 764 miles we drove. Nice wheels! - 
I could have taken pics all day long of the gorgeous countryside.  I completely understand why it's called the Green Mountain State. 
{Oh, I cannot imagine how glorious this all looks in the Fall. We'll be back!} 
Another sight we saw everywhere was orange tiger lilly's dotting the countryside.  I want to plant some in our yard in honor of upstate New York & Vermont. 

I wanted to find a covered bridge & drive through it. They are a very popular Vermont landmark.  They are everywhere & so cool looking.  Why don't we still do that over small creaks & streams.  I wish! 

These next 2 pictures sum up Vermont perfectly.  Small farms poking out of the trees.  Loved the silver silos & red barns we passed along on the road.  
Exactly what I thought Vermont would look like.  White steeples dotting the landscape & sticking up for all to see.  Loved to see all of the different churches & think about how long they had been there. So fun to travel through the little towns & see when they were founded. Examples we saw were: 1761, 1744, 1776 & more.  
There was also really neat old {I mean OlD} cemeteries along the road too. The history buff in me wondered if some of the revolutionists were buried in some cemeteries. 
One last little nugget to think about from Vermont.  So true!  Love this poster & I don't think I'll ever order ice cream in a cup again.  So much easier that way ;) 

Things I loved about this road trip: 
-No Vinyl Fences, anywhere!!  Oh, I LOVE that!  Instead hedges, picket fances or just wide open spaces.  Vinyl fences are one of my PET PEEVES!! 
-No Billboards.  Just exit & road signs, nothing else.  
{Maybe I need to move ;)} 
- American flags flying everywhere.  On street posts, mailboxes & off porches.  So nice to see.
-Fresh air with a hint of pine, so refreshing.  

Thanks for letting me share a little bit of our trip with you. 
Already miss the beautiful North East & already want to go back.  But I think I'll wait until the Fall sometime.  Such a beautiful part of our country. 



Mimi Sue said...

What a fabulous trip! Hope to get to New England sometime soon. Mimi

Andrea said...

Love that your hubby has a lathe! My dad builds furniture and turns a lot of stuff on his lathes so hearing about them make me smile. :) So glad you had such a fun trip!!!

Honeybee said...

Andrea, thanks for you comment. My hubby even has his own ETSY shop to sell stuff. How cool is that?

Natalie said...

You have utterly transported me to the beauties and peacefulness of New England. What a fantastic trip. Ever since my sister went a few years back I have be dying to go there. She stayed in Nantucket too and rented bicycles. A piece of Heaven :)

Debbie Thompson said...

I Do Not Lie!!! Looks like you had a GREAT trip!!! I knew that you would love it!!! If I could pick up all of my family and move them with me, I would live back there... Beautiful country!!! You have to see it in the fall!!! It's the most AMAZING scenery I've ever seen!!!