Sharpies & Post-its


I have had the opportunity of serving as the PTSO President for my daughters Middle School this year. It has taken alot of time & energy but I really do love helping, serving & being a part of the Middle School.  I think it gives me a sense of connection to when I used to teach & I enjoy being back in that environment.
I also have the pleasure of working with other fabulous & amazing women on the board too.

Something we do each month we meet is put up
{what we like to call}
-Postive Post-its-
on random lockers throughout the school. 

It just takes a second to write a postive message on a post-it,walk down the halls & place them here & there.
Last month as I was walking down the hall, to put more up, a student was standing by her open locker & I saw a bright yellow post-it stuck on the inside that said

Have a good day!
{with a little smiley face drawn on it too}

My heart literally soared, I was so happy to see that the point of what we were doing really did matter & that that student appreciated the little message enough to keep it. It made me happy to know that she sees a positive message each & every time she opens her locker during the school day.

Isn't that what we all need no matter how old we are? 
Something positive & uplifting said to us each day.   

So here's to 
  2 of my Favorite things-
Sharpie pens & Post-it notes
& what something little & simple can do.

Hope you all have a GR8 weekend!
{I'm trying to connect with the younger generation ;) }

-I'll have to post later about some other exciting things we are doing at the Middle School next week- School Pride Day & School Beautification Day!
{we purchased BIG & much needed framed art to put up on the bare halls of the school}


music notes said...

I love this idea! You are so creative and I'm sure it is making a big difference in the kids lives! You rock and you're a GR8 person!


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome yeah to sun and yeah to nice notes.

Jan & Alyson said...

I'm proud of you helping the students. Love you!