What a day!


  Yesterday I had a full day of running errands & such.
{just one of those days to get sooo much done}

-First stop was to DownEast  to enjoy 25% off {everything}-YiPPee!
-Target run for Easter Candy
-Trip to drop-off stuff at the DI & then of coarse go see if I could find any bargains
{lets just say that a local HS was cleaning out their drill team costumes & my girls now have 3 fun sparkly dress ups to play with}
-grabbed a #4 on wheat for lunch at Jimmy Johns
{so good- my Fav. & it's healthy too- have to get the wheat bread-yumm!}
-Costco run
{got chocolate covered blueberries- so tasty for the drive home}
& then home in time for M, A&E to walk through the door home from school.

While I was shopping at DownEast I spotted a red leather chair that I have had my eye on for some time now with a BIG red sign on it that said Clearance {isn't that the best!} +  25% off = we'll take it!

Got it home & placed it here. It fit perfectly but just needed something else to go along with it.

So I looked through all my basement cupboards & found some frames with family pictures in them decide to use my great consignment find frame {that I hadn't made into a chalkboard yet} got out the fantastic 3M frame mounting strips {if you don't have these in your home RUN to the store, get some to put in your junk drawer- they are the BeST!} stuck everything up on the wall & wah-lah!

I love it!  My kids are enjoying this new little spot too.  
It felt great to start a project & complete it all within a couple of hours- yeah! 

Despite it being a bit chilly outside it was a fabulous day inside!

-anxiously awaiting to see who the LuCKY 5 winners to the 365 Swap will be. My friend Haley will be announcing it later today  {Exciting!!}-


blog n' tell said...

I am loving that cute little nook that you have created! LoOks like the perfect spot to curl up with a book!! So FUn! LovE it!

music notes said...

That is a perfect spot! very clever, I like it!

Anonymous said...

How cozy! You always make everything look so fun.

Honeybee said...

Thanks, Angela :)

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

It turned out so cute! I love all the picture frames.

Candice said...

How darling! I love love love the frames! And I can't possibly live without the 3m strips too!

Honeybee said...

Thanks for all the kind comments everyone- I love this little space now too!

Dave n Bre plus thr3e! :o) said...

SO fun, I LOVE how it looks! You are so creative! I got an invite to the swap and I'm sooooo EXCITED!! Can't wait! :)

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

GREAT post! Nice job on the photo Mace, I love it. I think it captures Utah in the spring perfectly.

Dave n Bre plus thr3e! :o) said...

Maybe add that they need to click on #comments at the bottom of the post first to open the comment box. Or does everyone already know that part already?? Just a thought, just in case. :) Love the picture! It captures spring in Utah perfectly!

Dave n Bre plus thr3e! :o) said...

Okay so don't listen to me. I clearly don't know how to comment because it posted it on the wrong post!! :) (I also just noticed I mimicked another comment.) I think this is posting under the wrong post again for some reason. I give up!