One Funny Kid!


This is my cute daughter Audrey.  She is one of the funniest kids I know.

 She is always coming up with a joke, saying something funny or just plain laughing & LOVING life!
She was so excited for April Fools Day last week & planning pranks to pull on her sisters & friends.
{I was one of her victims too- she dumped out my NEW bottle of hairspray & filled it up with water}

Well this may be the funniest thing she did this weekend.  At school on Friday they had a "School Store" where students can bring in items from home that they don't want anymore & other students can buy them using good behavior coupons they have earned at school.
Well she cashed in her coupons & came home with these beauties {Yes, they are 3D glasses} & hasn't taken them off all weekend. The 3D lens stayed in for the first day & then she just decided to take them out. 
She keeps telling me,
"I really want glasses!"

My Grandma saw her yesterday & thought she looked like Drew Carrey
{she is a big Price is Right fan}

She couldn't get to sleep last night & stayed up late {she is a night owl!}reading jokes
& laughing & laughing!!

 I'm glad that I get to be around her everyday.  I want to be more like her- happy, carefree, finding joy & happiness in whatever she is doing or wherever she is.
I guess it's all how you look at life whether through 3D glasses or not :)



Tyler said...

She is a funny kid. One of her good ones from last night:
What is invisable and smells like carrots?
-Rabbit Breath-

music notes said...

What a happy post and a happy girl! Cute!

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

AJQ is crazy! You forgot to mention she even wore them in the hot tub yesterday. :) It was fun to play with everyone at mom's and I can't believe they let us slide down the stairs in sleeping bags.

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

Oh, this girl makes me so happy. I love having her at our house. She can make anyone who is sad at our house happy again! We are thankful for Audrey.

Emily Snow said...

What a cutie!

aqb said...

When I was in high school, I had a pair of fake glasses, even wore them to a dance. I guess the name fits. Love that crazy girl, wish we could be around her more.

Honeybee said...

Audj- she must take after you! I do need to find her some fake glasses to wear around a little less BIG. P.S. I used to wear fake glasses too, mine were green. I'm sure I looked awesome ;)