My little determined one!


{I better post about my other girls so there isn't a problem! ;)}
This is my youngest daughter {by 2 minutes} Emily.

 She is almost as opposite as opposite can be from her twin sister.  She is a hard worker, likes everything to be done in order & the RIGHT way, sticks to a job until it is done & LOVES neatness & order.  As much as she likes to work hard she loves to play just as hard. She can be outside with her friends for hours just playing & playing.
She is a determined little girl when she sets her mind to something it is as good as done.  For example- she has been a member of team Fuzion this year at tumbling.  She was asked to try out for the team by her teacher last year.  She has worked hard & participated in 3 competitions so far this year. She placed 7th at her first competition  & 3rd at one in February. As we were getting in the car to go home she said, 
"I'm going to get 1st place next time"
& what do you know- at her competition 2 weeks ago she walked away with 1st place!
-Way to go Em!! -
She loves school, doing back handsprings & collecting anything & everything.
{rocks, feathers, gum wrappers & pencils just to
name a few}

She likes to have a clean room {unlike her sister} she decided it would be cute to put her marble collection in an old gumball machine we had-
I thought it was pretty clever.

I'm grateful to have 2 little girls, that arrived in our home at the same time, but are their own unique person with their own likes & dislikes & terrific personalities.  It makes life fun & interesting for sure!



Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Love Miss Em and her own unique way of doing things. So proud of her gymnastics and I can't wait to see her in action next time.

Tyler said...

Emily is awesome!

blog n' tell said...

Your girls are darling! You can tell by the pictures they each have thier own UNIQuE fun qualities! Cute Post!

aqb said...

No wonder her and Page get along so well, everything you said I could say about Page. Love Em. Miss everyone!

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

Oh, I just love this girl too! Every time she is at our house she and Eli work so hard together to clean up the toys. I never have to ask her twice to help out.

{A}nnie said...

Hi friend!! :)