This just in!


  The delicious & monstrous Sweet Petal Roll  just got better!  We baked up this giant cinnamon roll using coconut oil instead of shortening & guess what?   It tastes just the same!  This was a huge discovery my friends!  

Are you like me, I want to be a healthier baker, I try to be but the thought of substituting Coconut Oil for things sometimes worries me.  Well I thought I'd give it a try this past weekend.  I had a craving for a Sweet Petal Roll & when I went to the pantry to grab the shortening I was disappointed to find out that we were out of it.  So I grabbed the coconut oil instead.  Still wondering if it would turn out the same, look & taste just as good & guess what.... It did! Just substitute the 6 TB of shortening for 6TB of Coconut Oil instead. 

After the first taste test it got a thumbs up.  HooRAY!  Now the Sweet Petal Roll is just as yummy & a bit healthier for us all too.  Makes eating a bunch of it feel not so bad anymore. Who am I kidding, I always felt that way.  

Just wanted to share with you a happy discovery.  
Happy baking!


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