Party idea- a Back 2 School fashion show


Happy to be a part of the 45 days of Back to School ideas series.  I know it's still only the middle of July but it's never too soon to start thinking about Back to School especially those of you who start the end of July with year round {So sorry!} 
I wanted to share something that has turned into quite a fun tradition in our family a Back 2 School family fashion show & dinner.  It's a great way to get the whole family involved from kids to adults, if you are lucky enough to have some in your family that work at schools, are teachers or counselors.  You could also do a neighborhood fashion show with family friends, that would be fun. Whatever you choose to do I'm sure it will turn into an anticipated night for everyone involved.

Fashion Show prep: 

-Pick an evening & send out invites.  This really makes it something special if you send out an invite, right? 
-Have each participate bring 3 outfits to change into & also any props they would like to show off to {new notebooks, backpacks, accessories etc.} 
-Each person needs to select music they would like to walk down "the runway" to. This is totally optional but is also really worth it if you take the time to do it. {See next idea!} 
-Have a CD or ipod already made up with the music to play for the fashion show with the selected songs.  Trust me, you'll have some choreographed numbers come down the runway. {AWESOME!} 
-White Christmas tree lights, taped to the floor,  creates a quick & fancy runway
-Be sure to have your video camera ready to film the footage & take lots of pics. 

Before the dinner & fashion show begin the decor has to go up to set the stage.  I enjoy decorating for just about anything that goes on in our home & a dinner & fashion show are no exception. It really sends it over the top & creates a exciting atmosphere.  I used a bunch of my vintage school supplies to decorate the island & table for dinner.  If you don't have any or a lot of school themed decor pieces, don't worry I'll tell you later where to get some for yourself. 

-2 of my favorite H&H things I've ever made.  Frame Marquees & this charming good luck frame.  I use them for so many occasions-

Who says flower frogs are only for holding flowers upright in a vase, I say use them as a pencil holder too.  I grabbed all sorts of crayons, colored pencils, alphabet shapes & puzzle pieces to use for the decor.
I spy.... my home state do you see yours?  

-Love this vintage school book- Looking Ahead to another great school year for my girls! Can't wait to see what they learn & discover. - 
-The table top, all bright & cheerful- 
 Plastic school lunch trays I bought from Pottery Barn Kids years ago have been a good investment. We use them all the time. Perfect for those who don't like to have their food touching whether young or old.  We have enough, in a rainbow of colors,  to serve the whole crowd. 

 The night is not only a fashion show & dinner.  There is poetry & fun school picture books read. A fun way to introduce the school themed party. 
 The meal should be inspired by school lunch.  We went with Pasta, garlic 
french bread, orange jello & green salad & homemade brownies for dessert.  Perfect in the school lunch trays & these kids chowed it all down. YuM!

 A peek at our Fashion Show 2013:
Each participate brought 3 outfits to wear & walked the runway to music they selected & strutted their stuff!  Believe me, these kids know how to work a runway.  There was a cartwheel, back handspring, dribbling a soccer ball & dance moves like you've never seen. So much FuN to watch! *Be sure to instruct everyone to pose at the end of the runway for photo opportunities.  The paparazzi is there of coarse!

-Audrey 6th Grade- 
-Macey 10th Grade- 

-Bella Kindergarten- 
-Davis 4th Grade- 

-Layla, pre, pre-pre school & Miss Hall 9th Grade Math & 12th Grade Government- 

-Emily 6th Grade- 
This picture is of everyone hanging out backstage {aka. the master bedroom} watching Audrey take her turn down the runway & anxiously awaiting their next turn to go out.

At the end of our fashion show it always turns into a dance party!  Kids & adults involved, so much fun to participate in & watch!  The kids are really worn out at the end of the night.  
{Oh, the videos you'll have after of the lip syncing & dancing, will be priceless! One little girl even got a side ache from so much dancing} 

Such a great way to kick off an exciting new school year.  My girls look forward to doing this every year with their cousins, that live about an hour from us, such a fun way to celebrate a new year of learning. 

I hope this has inspired you to start planning your own Back 2 School fashion show as the school year will soon be here. {Crazy to say but it's true!}  If you're looking for school themed decor for a party or just to decorate your home here are two great ideas & resources for you.  

On the spot & to your door, unique & charming handcrafted decor.  Check out their adorable School Inspired collection.  The garland, chunky pencil, vintage books so cute.  Order on their website, or click on the link below. 

H&H Number Sets 0-9 
Great to put up in playrooms or to use as photo props for birthday parties, holiday celebrations  & so much more. Will be available for pick up either before or at The {Fall} Hive September 18,19 & 20th in Mt. Green 
$79.00 + tax if ordered before July 21st
$89.00 +tax if ordered after July 21st

-Approx 12" tall & vary by width depending on the number. Colors shown in order: Blue, White, brown,turqoise, red, orange,cream,green,black & mustard-  
Choose either:  
Box of crayons color set {shown above} 
*colors & order of them may vary, slightly
Nice & neutral set {black, cream, white, grey & stained natural wood light & dark} 
Stained wood set {either light or dark stain}
All one color {choose from the color choices above}

Leave comment with Paypal to order number sets. Email questions or specific color combinations to 

 Be sure to check out all the other amazing blog ideas in the 45 days of Back to School series.  Hope I've inspired you to throw your own Back 2 School fashion show & decorate your home when the school bells start to ring.  

Thanks for stopping by. 


Kelli said...

I am so happy I found you on Instagram and now your blog...blogging is so fun.
I love the idea of having amfashion show at our back to school dinner...I am going to add that to my list of ideas. I have been on the look out these past few months for some vintage math and abc cards in my area and have not been able to find any.
Have a great day!

Honeybee said...

So happy too, thanks Kelli. New friends are the BeST!!!

Vanessa Hall said...

I love the Back To School Fashion Show. It is one of my favorite things that we do as a family.

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

This is a fun idea! I have fun memories growing up and doing a back-to-school fashion show with all of my cousins too! Can't believe its that time of year! Ahh!

Nature's Knockout said...

How CUTE!! Love the FUN idea, thanks so much for a great post! :) Laurie & Tiffany

Nature's Knockout said...

How cute!! What a super fun idea--thanks so much for sharing, great post!