Party & picture taking ideas using wooden numbers


  Sharing a few of my favorite things with you today.  H&H Wooden Numbers & a simple yet sophisticated party idea.  If you read my blog you know that I love to entertain & this past week I've done a lot of it.  You have to when you have a birthday that's SWEET for one of your girls. I wanted to share & show some simple ways you can incorporate these numbers into a birthday celebration & party. 

Her birthday has always been a special because she shares it with her Grandma Quigley.  This year they not only shared the date but the number 6 in both of their ages.  We had a big family dinner for them both complete with pound cake, whip cream & strawberries for their birthday cake. 

Idea #1 using H&H wooden numbers: 
I thought it would be fun to have them each hold up their ages they were turning while sharing the common number in the middle. So cute!  

This pic will be a fun memory to have.  They also got to share the number one a few years ago too.  What a fun tradition to have & to incorporate into any birthday celebration. 

When I asked my daughter a few months ago what she wanted to do for her sweet 16 she said she didn't want to have a party maybe just a few friends over.  Well.... of coarse the week before her big day that all changed & she wanted something special.  The plan was too just have some friends over to hang out, eat food & just be together.  After discussing with her, & giving her a few nudges in the right direction, the party planning evolved into a casual sophisticated 16 party. 

At first she said she wanted just hamburgers & hot dogs, when she said this I was SHOCKED!  If you follow me on Instagram you know what kind of foodie this girl is.  So she picked a more appropriate menu, made it all herself & served her friends. She was worried everyone else wouldn't like it but guess what.... they absolutely LOVED it! They were all asking for the recipes. 

The Menu
-frozen assorted berries in ice cubes & sprite
-grilled flatbread topped with rosemary honey & mozerella cheese 
-Spring salad with gorgonzola cheese, apples, craisans & vinaigrette 
- Lemon Mint Sorbet 
-Grilled glazed donuts 

Of coarse an hour before the party started I got the idea to turn this simple party into something a little bit more detailed.  {I always do this to myself at the last minute!} The backyard arbor was transformed into a karaoke lounge of sorts. So I recruited my girls & a few neighbor kids to help me haul out tables, chairs, lights, rugs, pillows & lots of accessories out underneath the arbor.  It was a lot of work but so worth it too.  Totally transformed the space & made it a great place to visit, laugh & sing! 
When evening fell it turned into a magical place.  The glow from the lights & lamps, set up in the corner, made it so charming & fun. Loved the whole vibe of the space, it really felt like a lounge a place to just chill, sit back relax & enjoy! 

Of coarse I had to accessorize using my vintage pop bottle collection.  Filled them full of flowers from the yard & placed them here & there for the party. So may uses for these bottles, I just adore them!  In fact I'm sharing the love with you all today on my Instagram. You can order this bundle for $22, includes shipping.  Go there for all the details & how to order. Hurry, limited quantities are available! 

Idea #2 using H&H wooden Numbers:
Another last minute idea {how my brain works I guess}  was putting out a number 1 & 6 for her guests to write on with a bunch of sharpies.  So cute!  This is a keepsake she will have for a long time & can use as a decoration in her room this whole year.  Sweet friends & sweet comments for this 16 year old.  What a treasure!  The front side of the numbers were painted & they just wrote on the backside.  

You can pre-order, your own set of numbers for upcoming birthdays & celebrations now 
{either pick up before or at The {Fall} Hive in Sept}  
 To order email me at & tell me the numbers you would like & colors for each.  

$7.90 for one # & $16 for 2 #'s  if ordered before July 21st
After July 21st $8.90 for one & $18 for a set. 

You can also order a complete set of numbers 0-9 & all the information about that can be found in the post below.  

Hope this has given you some ideas for an upcoming event, party or celebration you are planning.  One of my favorite things to do is throw a party. 



Kelli said...

Such a beautiful party. I love the menu and the pretty tab,e cloth. I too,love using vintage bottles to decorate.

Denver venues said...

Just came back from a fundraising event I shot here. This place is really incredible. I look forward to booking a wedding job here one of these days.