Inspiration- straight ahead!


Keep your hands & feet inside & enjoy the ride! 
You never know when inspiration is going to hit. I was needing some desperately as I prepared for the H&H Holiday Show & it happened recently on our trip to Disneyland. It can even hit between the hours of Midnight & 3 a.m. too by the way. 
{I'm going to pay for that in the afternoon I'm sure!}

Inspiration hit me right in the face when we got to California Adventure & decided to check out the new Cars ride.  
{Believe me we had time -waiting in line for 65 minutes.  
You get to take it all in} 
Disneyland is so clever when it comes to getting on a ride- the wait is actually a bit delightful as  you meander through little buildings, water fountains & shops.  This building really got me thinking.... Hmmm, I want to build a little shed in the back yard & have one entire side filled with out glass pop bottles. 
-Audrey standing in the Oil Bottle House with the light from the sunshine hitting the bottles & lighting them up-

Really so CooL!  I really want to recreate this somehow in our yard someday.  Totally loved it.  Made the wait for the Radiator Springs ride not so bad. 
Oh, my goodness.  The most charming land you'll ever visit.  We were glad to soak in Radiator Springs on our trip.  It hasn't been opened too long but I was glad we got to check it out.  So many delightful & fun things to see & do.  

Ok, I'm not one to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving but I couldn't help myself from being intrigued & inspired by all the Holiday decor on Route 66.  Every little detail was perfect & amazing.  This garland that hung over Main Street made out of old air filters & white rimmed tires made me smile! 

I usually don't like listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving either but walking down Main Street in Radiator Springs with old-time Christmas music playing didn't bother me one little bit.

 There were decorated trees everywhere.  I wanted to share pictures of a few of my favorite ones I spotted around town. They were along the street & in the shops.  I loved this one with old licenses, car parts & retro lights inside a store. 

This fun little tree made out of stacks of tires, ornaments & lights- so cute! 

Stop it!  
This tree made from a tower of orange cozy cones, too cute for words.  

 By the end of our week the billboard out front had even changed & was welcoming in the Holidays ahead.  

Another one of our favorite spots that we were introduced to by our friends the Lowder's was the artist studio in Califonia Adventure.  Really, don't pass this treasure by as you're hurrying to get in line for a ride.  Our family loved it & it was a great place to sit, relax & learn a thing or too.  So much to see & do in there. 
-Not to mention the huge screens all around the lobby that show clips of favorite Disney movies & animated drawings. Just had to take a picture as they showed Up, one of our favorites, because we did have an ADVENTURE & created memories in the studio that day- 
I highly recommend the Animation Academy.  In there you are taught {by a Disney animator} 
how to draw some popular Disney characters. 
You are supplied the paper & pencil in the 20 minute class & you get to keep your drawing too.  It was a blast!  My girls kept wanting to go back for more.  It's fun to see them even now get out a paper & pencil & doodle the drawing that they were taught at the academy.  Seriously, check it out on your next trip to California Adventure- you won't be sorry. 

Oh, my goodness if you ever wanted to get in the Christmas spirit here is the place to go.  I've always loved the Small World ride but after seeing it changed for the Holidays I'm even more in love.  So sweet & charming.  The dolls sing & dance to Christmas music & are all dressed up for the Holidays.  It is so amazing!  So glad we got a chance to see it.  It opened up the night before we left. 

 I love when I am inspired by things- it feeds my creative soul.  Inspiration can come from anywhere 
{it doesn't have to be at the happiest place on earth- although that certainly doesn't hurt}  
I find inspiration in magazines, catalogs, the Anthropologie windows, my children's artwork, Pinterest just to name a few of my favorite places.  

-Where do you like to find inspiration?- 
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Mimi Sue said...

We were at Disneyland the week of Halloween! It was a lot of fun. Loved Cars Land and every little detail they put into it. We'll see you on Tues at your cute Holiday Show! Mimi

Michelle said...

Looks like sooo much fun inspiration you took in!! What a fun land to visit! so glad you guys had fun!!!

AJ and Cindy said...

So fun to see your pictures from your trip. I definitely get inspiration from Pinterest! I don't even know what I did before it :)

MelanieBrenchley said...

Looks like your trip was a blast! When we were there last year they were still working on Cars Land... so we need to go see it now that it's all open. Glad you guys had a great time! :)