When in doubt add a jingle bell


  You know the old saying, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without" or a personal fav  of mine from one of my favorite reality shows, "Make it work!"  Well that's what I did as I was setting up Christmas around here. 

- One of my decorating philosophies- 
I had this deer head that I bought at The {Springtime} Hive from my sweet friend, Annie
 {By the way if you don't read her blog you really should! 
Love her to pieces & if you've never been to a Hive you need to!}

I've liked having him around but wanted to dress him up for the Holidays to keep him around a little longer. 

So I simply took off the ribbons 
{& saved them of coarse because they are gorgeous!} 
& added a little flair with some Holiday colors & of coarse added a jingle bell or two. I sent him over the top by adding a red paper dot as a nose. 
{Hello... Rudolph!} 

Love the way he looks now & where he's been placed in our house for the Holidays.  What to see where he's hanging out? Check back one week from today for the 
{H}oliday {H}ome Tour of Lilac Lane.  
Can't wait to show you all. 



Mimi Sue said...

I love her and her mother! Inspirational people! Love the deer's new Christmas outfit. Mimi

Annie bananie said...

melissa.....you always make my days happier! no, like REALLY!

LOVE YOU and can't wait to see what THE DEAL IS monday......geeeeees, thats so far away! lol