A stroll through the City


I love when inspiration hits you when you least expect it.  
{I also love having a camera on my phone so I can instantly snap photos of things that inspire me so that I don't forget.} 
   That's what happened today as I strolled through the stores of City Creek with my family.  It just seemed like inspiration was everywhere!  

Made a stop into West Elm for the first time & hello!  
{I 'm in love!} 
Saw this fabulous cake stand sitting on the shelves.  Didn't get it, I was just admiring it.  Really, do I need another cake stand to add to my collection.  Hmmm.... after thinking about it, YES! With a name like Honeybee & hosting a boutique called The Hive it needs to come home with me. 
Another thing that caught my eye was the display of wood paired with lots of fabulous mercury glass. I always love to decorate with putting shiny with dull, fancy with plain & smooth with rough.  This got me thinking about Winter decor in the house & Christmas decor for next year.  Loved it! 

Of coarse I couldn't leave without stopping into my 2 favorite stores- Anthropologie & Restoration Hardware.  
The Hubby & I haven't worked on a home decor project for a long time but I think we found one that we could do together.  I really liked the table/bench, coffee table that Anthro had their Christmas trees stacked up on.  It got me thinking! Something like that would look awesome in our great room.  Glad I spotted it & took some pics.  Also the garlands on the trees,  does Anthropologie ever stop creating?  That store amazes me every time I go in.  Look close:  it's paper clips & colored tape.  Genius! 

Last but not least, Restoration- I could live here!  Just shut the doors & lock me in.  Loved the table top display of candles, I could see that cluster of lights on my "creeper" on the kitchen island.  I also loved their ornament display.  I need to find me one of those zinc mug holders & place all the ornaments from my vintage collection on next year at Christmastime.  Inspired by the idea of showing off my collection vertically.  

Ok, just a little sneak peek into my travels this weekend.  I love to share things with you that makes me excited. I hope you like it too.  Stay tuned to see where all this inspiration takes me.  Christmas is starting to come down around here & all things Winter are going up.  How about you?  
-Psst... If you're looking for inspiration of what to do when all the Christmas goes down, go Here


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Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Restoration reminds me of a mid evil castle...and kinda freaks me out how dark and windowless it is!!