Orange & Black decor

  I really love this time of year! 
{have I said that before?} 
Anyway, I do & it's fun decking our halls with all things spooky & black, white & orange. Wanted to show you how I decorated the centerpiece of our home {the kitchen island} this year.  I went for a simple set up with a vintage flair.  

-Got this fabulous vintage pom pom garland at The {Fall} Hive.  When I saw it stanched it up quick, I think it just needed to belong in a Giant Pumpkin Growers home.  So cute, don't you think?  Looks like little pumpkin dangling off a vine- 
I've been looking, collecting & buying black, white & orange bottles for awhile wanting a grou p to put out for Halloween.  
Thanks to my friends, Tausha & Amy for giving me 2 bottles in my collection.  Makes it that more fun to have out to be reminded of sweet friends! 

-Remember me telling you about the creepy, antique pharmacist shop I went to last year along the Oregon Coast. Love the real medicine bottles mixed in with my pop bottle collection-

I saw a quote once in a magazine that said:

"Halloween is about make-believe and creativity.  My collection is a celebration of the same.
Thought it tied in perfectly with what I was going for here on the island.

This little cutie is up on display on our mantle. It makes me smile every time I walk past it.   A perfect example of make-believe & creativity.  Of coarse she wasn't born with a little witchie hat on, that was added much, much later with a little piece of tape.
 {She is one of my distant relatives all dressed up for    Hallows Eve- so sweet} 

-One of my favorite H&H frames that I've ever made!- 
It also reminds me of one of my favorite segments I've ever done on Studio 5.  I did it last year & talked about transitioning from decorating from Halloween to Thanksgiving & the rest of the fall.  

You can watch it HERE.  
Lots of great inspiring ideas on how to decorate for this time of year.  Hope it gives you some ideas on how to add a bit of make believe into your Halloween decor.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I'd love to hear from you. 
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Anonymous said...

Always love to see your decor. Don't be shy, post more pics whole mantel and all ;)
Angela L

Mimi Sue said...

Love what you do over your island. Your decor is always so unique! Mimi

Honeybee said...

Thanks friends! :)

Jann Olson said...

Oh my, I love the real medicine bottles! I decorated my table as a witches Laboratory. Would have loved to have found some of these when I was on the OR coast a year ago. lol! I did find an old vial at the D.I. Your décor is cute, cute!