Sneakie Peekie

Whew.... it is a busy, busy day for me today. 
But before the day got away from me I wanted to post
a picture or 2.
{some of the things that will be available at the "BoO-tique" tomorrow & Friday}

Sassy, festive dressed up HaLLoWeeN frames.
{perfect for displaying all your little trick or treaters} 

Delightful {recyclable} book paper wreaths.  Perfect for this time of year {Black & White} there is a variety of styles with decorative paper centers & without.  Love these!

Lots of Fall & Halloween blocks just the right size to put here or there or give as a gift & of coarse H&H picture frames & word frames. Lots of styles & sizes to choose from.

and... last but not least these cute little guys.  {I have a whole flock just waiting to fly home to roost at your house}  Love their colorful feathers & puffy coffee filter tail feathers- darling!  {If I say so myself :) }
-All this & SO MUCH more-

Ok, now back to work getting it all put together. Hope to see you tomorrow night or Friday morning. 
-Remember you get a FREE gift when you spend $40 or more-
{Anyone excited about that??}



Jenn and Brandon said...

Meliss...I think I'm going to have to miss this one. Everything looks so cute! So sad I can't make it. :(

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

So I won't be able to come, but I need to order a lovely Turkey Friend and I want a Wreath, but we can make mine later. Wish I could be there.

See you this weekend at the game?

Honeybee said...

Ok, your special order will be made. Do you like the wreath w/ the center paper medallion on just plain? Yes, we are coming to the game with Miss Em. THANKS!

Emily Snow said...

Meliss, do you have any more of those turkeys? They are adorable! If so, how much $ and can you send me one?

Honeybee said...

Oh, yes I do & Emily I would LOVE to send a Turkey back East for you. I'll email you, thanks for asking.