Winter Home Decor- Part 2


Back with more because I just can't get enough of decorating for the winter months.  I hope you take the time to do it & not just rush onto Valentines Day without even passing to think of snowflakes, snow & snowmen.  There's just too much to enjoy & celebrate this time of year to not.

-The porch invites everyone to our home with a chilly & charming welcome. Love to collect snowflakes of all shapes & sizes-
Wanted to show you a few new things that I'm smitten with that I've incorporated into our home decor this year. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have fallen hard for vintage thermos'. If I spot one at a antique store odds are it's going to come home with me.  That's what happened last week on a day trip to one of my favorite antique spots.  Walked out with 6 new thermos'  All unique & ones I had never seen before. Happy, happy, joy, JoY! 

I wasn't sure how I was going to display them but they just seemed perfect for above the stove in our kitchen.  I lined them up, starting with the tallest in the center, & went out from there.  Easy, simple & decor that makes an impact.
{subtle nod to winter & sipping hot cocoa in the chilly cold}  

One of my favorite ways to decorate during the winter months, & easiest, is to hang snowflake ornaments from the chandelier, over our kitchen table, with fishing line.  Makes for a great conversation piece every night as the kids blow air at them & create a blizzard. So fun to watch the dancing snowflakes every night. 

 Look for snowflakes of all shapes, sizes, colors & textures to make for a fantastic collection.  I try to find at least one to add every year.  Such a fun collection to have & show off. Here are some on display in my vintage chicken feeder on a soft bed of fake snow. 
 Another great thing to collect for winter decor, besides snowflake ornaments 
{which you can find after Christmas on sale & I always look to add a few to my collection every year} 
is snowmen.  This year I decided to just line them all in a row on the shelf in our mudroom. Sometimes just grouping an entire collection together is all you need for a display. 

 Another favorite place in our home that always gets decorated is the stair ledge.  This always gets stuffed full of this & that.  This time I like the pops of red mixed in the shades of blues & blacks.  Anything that even resembles winter is put on display. Such a fun thing to look at every time you walk by.  
Adding some pinecones can give a nod to winter & outdoors for a simple rustic touch. 

 Hope these ideas have helped you see how fun it can be to embrace the whole idea of decorating in January & winterizing your home with some charming decor. I've shared a few other ideas to decorate for winter in the past, you can get more pics & inspiration here

Bundle up & enjoy the season, indoors & out! 


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Candice said...

Super cute! I love all of the little spots you've curated! I love those thermos' too!