Winter Home Decor- part 1

1.5.15- {kind of a cool date!} 

HaPPY NeW YeaR!  
Don't you just love a fresh start & a brand new year.  I always get invigorated every time we get to start a new calendar & start planning goals & things we want to accomplish during the year. Wishing you all a wonderful 2015.
Wanted to start the blog off on the right foot & introduce a new segment I'm going to call, 
Mantle Mondays.  
  Each first Monday of the month I'm going to show you the mantles in our home & they are decorated. I change up the decor & mantles in our home each & every month. Do you?  It's just something that I've always done. Just seems like a fitting way to welcome in a new month & celebrate all it has to offer.  So I'd love to share my mantles with you every month.  I'd love to see yours too by the way.  You can email me pics or use the hashtag #newmonthnewmantle 

The inspiration for my mantle for the month of January 
{Yes, I decorate for January, I hope you do to}
came while I was strolling through Anthropologie one day.  Oh, Anthro- I adore you!  Don't know what your Anthro looked like this holiday season but mine had bundles & bundles of firewood & logs throughout the store.  So of of coarse I snapped a few pics for inspiration & went home ready to tackle our home once the Christmas decor all came down.

I created a cozy wood winter wonderland a few spots in our home.  One is on our upstairs mantle & in our entry way. I've really embraced the simplicity aspect of decorating lately & I'm really liking it.  Our mantle for Christmas was the simpliest it's ever been & it was joyful to look at.
I just went to our local gas station, bought 3 bundles of firewood {less than $5.00 each} came home & started assembling.  Really took no time at all.  I added some glittered snowballs around the base of the wood, because you know a little bling never hurt anything.  

The entryway table got the same kind of treatment. Fire wood stacked up this time, length size, then snowballs sprinkled throughout amoungst some bottle brush trees & some candles placed on top too. 

-love the ruggedness of this display but yet has a lot of charm to it too!- 
Our down stairs mustard mantle got all winterized too.  Again, really simple to create.  A woodsie looking display with snowflakes big & small, pine trees of various sized nestled into the scene too & of coarse some glitter too sprinkled throughout.

-Really enjoying all the color down here.  January isn't for just white, grey you know.  Throw in some plaid because it screams comfy, cozy & wintertime plus, the mustard, red & yellow just go so well together for a little unexpected color combo among the snowflakes & timber- 
-The ruler snowflake I got at The Holiday Hive this year & just think it is the cutest thing ever.  Love the splashes of turquoise that makes the whole display pop- 

Love to decorate & change up the decor in our monthly especially on the mantles.  I'll be back tomorrow to show some other ways I bring the outdoors in this time of year & celebrate the chilly, wonderful month of January. 

Have a beautiful week! 



Anonymous said...

love Your ideas and inspiration and I am looking forward to Mantle Mondays!!!
Angela L

Honeybee said...

Angela, you are so sweet! Thanks so much, looking forward to Mantle Mondays too.