What I've been up to


  Where to begin!  A busy, run around crazy week full of work & fun.  Thought it would be great to do a little show & tell with pics for this post.  

My first of many trips to the post office.  A HuGE thank you to everyone who has ordered a Little Word Tile.  I have enjoyed so much making these up for everyone & sending them off. This pic was round 1 to the post office, round 2 was this morning & round 3 will be next week.  I'm just cranking these little charming tiles out!  

Got to go up to my girls Middle School & create this cute bulletin board with my friend, Terra.  Isn't it just simple & sweet!  I love it.  It was fun to hear the kids as they would walk by or come down the hall hearing them reading the words out loud.  Love this month & the spirit of kindness, thoughtfulness & love that seems to be in the air. 

Spent Saturday doing something I look forward to each & every year with some of my favorite people. More to come on this on Monday- check back!  Seriously, am so inspired every time I do this.  

It's the season- Basketball season that is & we are cheering loud for our Blue Devils.  So enjoy this time or year & glad that my family all loves to watch together too.  Big game coming up this week- Beat the Tar Heels!  
{Sorry, for the blurry pic but it's the only one with Olly in the picture. Isn't he cute!} 


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