Valentines Decor- K.i.s.s.


My motto for decorating our home for Valentines Day this year was K.I.S.S. 
{Keep ISimple & Sweet}  

I got this dusty rose colored vase from my Grandma Hall's home a few months ago.  I thought it would look perfect for Valentines Day with the soft pink & bright gold.  It was my Great Grandmother Larsen's, such a beautiful heirloom.  

I just wanted some colorful, sweet & easy to set up decor.  So of coarse my go-to, is garlands & flowers. Stringing garlands above my island is a must whenever there is a holiday approaching. Such a delightful way to celebrate! 

-Made this ribbon garland a few years ago using pics of our girls. I love it!- 

When I snagged this pop bottle in No. Carolina a few years ago, I had high hopes of using it for Valentines Decor.  But I love it so much it stays out year round on the window sill, above the sink & holds the lemon dish soap.  Makes doing dishes seem not a chore.  
-How cute is that little white lip outline, darling!- 

 Another score from my Grandma Hall's home was finding vintage Valentine seals & stickers in her desk drawers.  So sentimental & sweet.  Going to attach one to the Valentine I'm sending her this week. 

 This display in the mudroom is just simple & sweet.  Love written out as simply as it can be on the chalkboard heart & marquee board.  Nothing too fancy but you get the point. 
{little garlands on the marquee board add the perfect touch} 

These paper handmade hearts that hang on the pegs are a Q family tradition.  I made them years ago.  They are pouches & get filled with lots of treats & little trinkets on Valentines morning.  The girls wake up to find them hanging in their room somewhere.  Each year I think we'll do something different but the girls absolutely love this.  Aren't traditions a beautiful thing? 

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Hope you're all ready for Valentines Day in your home.  Such a wonderful time of the year to show kindness & love towards each other. 



Anonymous said...

love the simple approach
Angela L

Mimi Sue said...

Super cute ideas! Mimi

kaylynnczy said...

DARLING. I say you drink (or throw away) that yucky yellow pop and use that as a vase next year too. Love it all - I'll need to up my game next year!

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

That's it..I need you to come decorate my house..I am such a slacker!