Collage Day 2014


  So excited to share with you today one of my FaVORiTE days of the year- Collage Day! I've told you about this before on my blog.  Such a fun activity! This is something you could do with your own children, sisters, church youth group or a bunch of girlfriends. The idea is that you create something that will inspire you to look at. Set it out somewhere that you see often as a reminder of goals, dreams & aspirations for the year.  

-My finished collage for 2014- 
All you need to do for this activity is 
1) Invite a few of your favorite people to spend the day with 
2) Have lots of magazines {of all varieties} on hand 
3) Lots of pairs or scissors {remember dull ones for little ones to use} 
4)  Good glue sticks 
5) Food, snacks & drinks 
-My sister Amanda & neice, Bella ready to start ripping, tearing & cutting up inspiration for their collages- 
-Mace & Vanessa, ready to dig into their pile of magazines- 
 On your mark, get set, Gooooo!   The first thing to do is just spend the time thumbing through the pages.  Tearing out ANYTHING that jumps out at you. It could be a word, a picture, a letter, specific colors whatever grabs your attention, don't question why just tear it out & set it aside to cut up later.  You'll have quite a pile set aside at the end trust me, then once you go back through you can decide to keep or get rid of what you had earlier ripped out. 

 Love to get watch everyone at work.  So fun to see what they rip out & show to one another. It's so cute to see them show someone something that they think they might like & want.  So thoughtful & sweet.  I think all of us really get to learn more about each other participating in this each year.  

-Early on, magazines are still somewhat organized & stacked, it's going to get messy in a while & that's totally ok!- 
-These 3, had a BLaST!  Showing off what they have found so far- 
Rule #1:  Don't worry about the mess! {Sometimes hard for me to follow} If it doesn't hit the garbage can it's ok.  You don't want to stifle your creative juices by stopping to clean up scraps the whole day long. 
 Don't forget to have yummy snacks & grab & go things for lunch.  Nobody wanted to stop to eat they were having so much fun.  But we each took the time to make own individual pizzas though & then went right back to ripping, cutting & glueing. 

These 2 are focused!  Lots of cutting going on. 
 This one even went onto the floor to work.  The table got to crowded with pages, magazine, elbows flying around busy cutting & glueing.  Glad she found a space to work on her 4 collages.  Sometimes it's hard to just limit all the good stuff you discovered to one page.  {Cute kids!} 

-Fun to see what everyone goes for to finish their collages.  It can all be pictures or might be words. Whatever it is it's always positive & inspiring- 
 Remember what I told you about the mess?  Let it go... Let it go..... just pick it all up at the end.  Thought this was a funny shot to show you just how much good clean fun comes along with this project. 
{This was probably half way through the process} 

 The kids will LOVE to clean up when you ask them too.  These 2 just dove right in to help pick up all the mess.  Thanks Em & D! 

-Layla & Mace.  Even this little girl was hard at work most of the afternoon, cutting out & glueing lots of animals onto her collage.  Mace created some pretty awesome ones too- 

-Remember bring magazines for everyone!  Glad there were lots of Sports Illustrated to cut up for the sports lovers in our family. -
 Now for the finished products.  I really do love seeing what everyone turns out at the end of the day.  This is a great way to learn about others, see what inspires them, what their goals & hobbies are.  

-Audrey, one of her, love all the colors she used!- 

-Bella, she LOVES animals & BaCON!- 

-This is one of Macey's 3 collages.  She loves to put them in her binders at school.  Makes me happy to know that she is carrying reminders around with her all day long of the goals & vision she has for her future- 
-Vanessa's, can you tell she's a Math Teacher?  Numbers, numbers, numbers! I wish I had her brain, it would make helping 3 kids with homework each night so much easier- 
- My nephew, Davis, with 2 of his 4 collages.  This kid was cutting out for an hour & I'm not kidding!  He LOVES sports, can you tell.  He is a great little athlete himself- 

-Me with mine.  Apparently I'm drawn to blues & yellows this year. Must be the SV Bobcat in me.  I have thought of changing up our master bedroom this year & using these colors, we'll see- 
-Little neice, Layla & Sister in Law, Traci.  Loved how Layla's pictures were falling over the edges, she loved to cut & glue everything on, so sweet. - 
-Em went with lots of words this year.  Powerful, strong & inspiring words that I hope she looks at & remembers everyday-

As I said earlier it's so fun to see everyone's personality & creativity shine when doing this activity.  Absolutely loved the corner of one of Davis' collages that he pieced together.  What a great motto to have. 
-Believe, can, do DONE!- 
Hope this has inspired you to try this activity.  It's not to late in the year {Hello.... it's only Feb. 10th}  to plan a collage day with your family or friends.  The most important thing though is don't forget to display it somewhere that you see each & every day.  Place it in your room, by a mirror, in a binder, frame it & put on a shelf... so many possibilities.  



Candice said...

I love this idea! I need to do it with my family and the YW!

Honeybee said...

Thanks, friend. Yes, do it. I'd love to hear how it goes.

Vanessa Hall said...

Thanks for inviting us to do this, it really is one of my favorite days of the year!! :) So much Fun!!!

Aleisha McD said...

Next year I'm coming! And yes, I just invited myself!! HA!

Natalie said...

I have done these myself never thought to have the family do it too. So fun. Totally gonna try it! :)

Melanie von Bose said...

I LOVE this idea! I need to have a collage party!!!