Snow & pleasant Surprises!


  Hello.... hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We sure did.  We enjoyed driving up to Grandma's house Christmas Eve, waking up to lots of surprises & nice gifts on Christmas morning, having our 1st Christmas meal in our home on Christmas night, enjoying.... SnoW, SNoW, SNOW, oh, we got lots of it. A white Christmas around these parts for sure.  We've also enjoyed sledding & drinking lots & lots of hot cocoa. 
{actually that is my job... stay inside & have warm cups filled to the top for when the girls all come in the door.  Brrr.... it's chilly outside! It's a fun job ;)} 

-That's how we roll- the pumpkin patch tractor pulling the girls around & around the park on snow packed roads- 
-Audrey taking a turn behind the wheel. Watch out!- 
-Em, Mr. Olly & Miss Mace. All bundled up, enjoying playing in the white stuff- 

While they are out playing I'm inside because today is the day... the Christmas all comes down & the Wintertime decor goes up. I can't wait to show you. I'll be back to show pics, I promise. 
I ran into a sweet friend {last Saturday} who I have NEVER met.  We have just been "blogging buddies".  I found her blog about 3 years ago.  I was a "stalker" at first 
{anyone out there like that?}  
-She always looks so cute!  Can't wait to finally get instagram
so I can follow her!- 
& one day I got up the courage to leave a comment & wah-lah we have been friends ever since.  We talked about meeting up one day but never made it work.  She had moved away recently so I thought we would never see each other face to face. 

Well... imagine my surprise when I saw her walking down the aisle at Target 
{of all places- another reason to love that place!} I saw her cute, colorful, adorable shoes & KNeW it was her.  I called her name & she looked up to see me & just started squealing.  We gave each other a hug & chatted for a bit. It was so great to finally met her.  
{fabulous friends are such a blessing!} 
Glad she is back & I hope to run into her many more times now.

Wish I looked as cute as she did that day.  I thought I was just out for a quick day of last minute gift shopping who knew I would run into a friend - so fun
{happy holidays my friend!}

*I'd love to become friends with some of you out there that might just be "stalkers" right now.  Be BRaVE, leave a comment & maybe we can become blogging friends too!*

Ok, off to put away the last little bit of Christmas around here & get ready to go to one of our favorite places later today as a family.  We love it! 
{it's turned into quite a Holiday tradition for us} 

Hope you have enjoyed lots of traditions with your loved ones during the Holidays too. 



Candice said...

Fun! You guys are 2 of my fave bloggers! I hope to run into both of you accidentally- or on purpose some day!! Happy New Year!

Honeybee said...

Oh, I'd love that too Candice, someday. Happy New Year to you to!