Go figure!


Ok, a few funny & quirky facts about this Honeybee. 

- I absolutely love the smell, taste & flavor of lemons BUT I don't like Lemon Bars.  
-I am great at remembering phone #'s, birthdays, even some addresses BUT when it comes to helping my 5th graders & 9th grader with math uuhh.. forget about it! 
-I am not a Black Friday/early Christmas shopper BUT I am getting so excited about the thought of shopping the day after Christmas, I can't wait!! 
{I have a handful of stores that I just HAVE to go to the day after. Do you?} 
-I  love to bake. The scent  & taste of Gingerbread is my favorite BUT I have never made a gingerbread house from scratch.  
I've always bought the pre-made boxed up kind.  
The girls decorate it each year & it's placed on a cake stand {of coarse} & tucked under a cabinet in our kitchen on the countertop. 

-The Quigley Gingerbread cottage 2012- 
This year we broke off with tradition a bit & decorated it completely different than ever before. We even used a different cake stand than we normally do. 
{opened it up to lots of exciting possibilities- they had a blast!} 
-Em putting on the Rice Square roof tiles- 
-The roof complete! Now to add some cinnamon gum sticks for the eves-

No rooftop is complete with out a dusting of snow
{or in our case Sugar}

 Miss Mace was in charge of the frosting & placing the stones & pebbles {Sugar babies & chocolate chips} onto the sides of the Gingerbread cottage. 

-close up of the sweet little details of the G-Bread cottage. The clumps of snow hanging onto the roof tops, dusted with sugar & the walls.  Too cute!- 
Audrey came up with the perfect door.  She crushed up some oreos & glued them {using royal icing} to a piece of paper she cut out in the shape of a door.  Good thinking Audj! 

Then add a gumdrop lined walkway, sprinkled with sugar to make a wintery scene, place a few green leaf mint gummies & creme candies in the shape of evergreens & wah-lah- A SWeeT little Gingerbread Cottage.  I love watching my girls have such fun, imagination & JoY! 

 It was a wonderful night putting this together.  

Maybe one of these years I'll make a G-Bread house from scratch.  I'd love to hear if you have a Gingerbread house on display in your home.  



Mimi Sue said...

Cute little gingerbread houses and cute little girls who made it! Love the poinsettias in the previous post too. Mimi

Anonymous said...

We always do gingerbread houses every year at Grandmas house . They never last. The kids have to pick the candy off of them leaving dried up frosting all over the place. It is a fun tradition though
Yours turned out so cute
Angela L

Candice said...

We make them every year too. We use graham crackers houses that I hot glue together before turning my kids loose with icing and candy. In fact we are getting ready to do ours in the next couple of days. Such a fun tradition!