I couldn't agree more!


  When I spotted this sign outside some shop doors in Aberdeen, No. Carolina 
I just HAD to go in.  How did they know that I completely agree with that statement. Who's with me?  
{ok, except for maybe Target ;)} 

 I just love to look for unique one of a kind things.  Not the mass produced stuff that everyone has & is everywhere.  I guess that's why H&H's mission statement is 
"no two things will look alike"
So I couldn't wait to see what was behind the doors at
 1- Eleven Main. 
-Thought this burlap wreath on the door was a welcoming sight. Little did I know what was behind the doors, I'd love even more- 
 If I ever opened up shop 
{the idea has bounced around my head a few times}  
this would be a requirement, an old building with character.  I mean just look at it!  I was blown away. Absolutely love the ladders that were on each side of the store. Not to mention all the great stuff that was on the shelves. 

 High ceilings, beams, vintage pendant lights & ceiling tiles- I was in inspiration heaven! 
 Fabulous double front doors with vintage screen doors in the front to match. 
{They were propped open, should have got a pic of that}

 The storage & shelving displays in the store were awesome too. I would love to have something like this around to fill up with little somethings. 
 This old metal turntable was filled to the brim with ribbons, ornaments & gifts.  
 Such an amazing space!  I absolutely loved it.  
 Saw this unique lighting fixture in the upstairs.  Thought it would be fun to have. 
 Just when I thought my mind couldn't take any more inspiration for the day. We walked across the street, over the railroad tracks to Railside Antiques.  
 I was inspired by the pumpkins on the front steps.  Loved the mix of pine boughs, stuck in between them, to welcome in the holiday season but still celebrating the fall. 
{I'm always sad to throw away my pumpkins that are still in good condition after Thanksgiving. But when the Christmas wreath goes up the pumpkins must go- maybe this will be an alternative to keep them around a bit longer, we'll see.} 

The owner of this shop 
{a delightful retired man, who is a Duke fan by the way. Made me like him even more!} 
has collected, salvaged & bought all the items in his shop.  He reuses alot of it & makes things into new furniture pieces that he sells.  Come to find out too he was the one who owned & restored the 1-Eleven Main shop just down the street.   

 Everywhere in No. Carolina you see this kind of brick.  Love the color & the texture. 

 Walking into this store- took my breath away!  Oh, if only every antique store could look like this.  
Clean, organized, light, lots of space & just plain amazing! 

 If I ever did own a store this would have to be the check-out counter.  I have always loved this look. 
{Or maybe for an island in a kitchen someday.}

 Oh, I'm telling you if I had a U-Haul or lived only a couple of hours away I would have had FuN buying lots of items in this store.  
{Why, don't I live somewhere where this stuff is EVERYWHERE?!} 
 Quick pic of an old closet door panel that was converted into a long skinny mirror, great idea! 
 Rows & rows of old windows stacked on top of each other- for the love!  
Seriously you could see everything that he was selling- so organized & neat.  
 Windows or every shape & size.  Small panels, big ones & really, really cool unique ones.  
{Oh, I was dying!} 
The big gear you can see on the upper left side was actually an old elevator gear , it still works & lowers things down into the cellar below.  So Cool!  1- Eleven Main had one in their store that went to the upstairs. 
 Tons & TONS of doors of every style.  Again stacked so nicely & neatly.  
{Does anyone else out there appreciate this shop?  If you are a big antique shopper, I'm sure you do!} 

 This next section of the store blew my away & made me wish that I knew what parts I needed to fix some of the old doorknobs I have so that they could work again. 
 A.MaZ.iNG!!  A space of every time of part & style of lock & door knobs imaginable!  
If you were fixing up an older home or remolding this would be the place to go.  
 Loved the time we spent in this store & also talking to the gentleman who owned it.  Such a nice man! He said he had been out to Utah once & had a wonderful experience with his family during a Summer vacation traveling around the west. 

Loved the day we had exploring Aberdeen, N.C.  A great little town filled with some fun little shops & stores.  We ate lunch at a bakery that was baking & selling the sweetest Gingerbread Houses {can't believe I didn't take pictures}  They were all bagged up ready for people to pic up & take home.  Made me wonder why nobody around these parts do that or at least I don't know of any bakery that does.  
{I would buy one already decorated & cute!} 

 Have a great day, everyone!
{off to do some Christmas shopping- guess I better start only 19 days away} 



Angela Gwarteny said...

Really enjoyed this post!!!
Angela G

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

Oh my gosh.... I want to go there. How fun, wish I was with you on this little shopping trip.

Texie B said...

I need to go to those stores!! Looks awesome!!

Honeybee said...

I would love to go shopping with all 3 of you- it would be so fun! Let's plan a trip ;)