Yay- I read a book!

4. 19.17- 

Hello again!! I'm slowing trying to get back into this blogging thing.  Not sure why I typed this up at the 1st of the year & didn't hit publish but as they say better late than never right!  

So..... one thing about me, I'm not the biggest book reader.  I don't know why, I guess I'd just rather be up & doing than just sitting & reading.  But, when a book grabs me & I get it done in 2 days, it's a good book!!  Yay, I've already read a book in 2017. I say this year is off to a great start already! 
{Not promising ready many more books but happy to say I've read 1 in the 1st week of the New Year.}

When my kids asked me for suggestions, of what they could get me for Christmas, this was always something on the list.  When I didn't receive it for Christmas, which was totally fine I decided to just order it for myself.  It came, I opened & read, I smiled, I was inspired, I remembered, I took notes & was completing delighted!  What a wonderful read.  

I love the show Fixer Upper, I love Joanna & Chip, I love their story & even more so after reading the book & learning their back story.  Such an incredible & inspired couple.  So many things that I read made me stop & think, something similar happened to me or I've done that or I've felt that & really made me stop & think about my own life & my Heavenly Father's plan for me.  

I highly recommend reading it!  It's charming, sweet & just down right good.  Happy that my oldest is reading it right now & enjoying it as well. 

There were times in the book that made me stop & think a bit. A few of my favorites were

Her experience to meeting Chip the first time.  Made me remember the seeing Tyler for the 1st time, in our singles ward up at Utah State University, he was teaching Sunday School, I walked into the room looked at the boy wearing glasses up at the front of the class in his shirt & tie & had the strong overwhelming feeling that he would be my husband. I remember thinking, what?!?  But sure enough it was true. Followed that prompting & feeling, got to know him, asked him out on our 1st date & 9 months later we were married.  

- You know it's a good book when you read it with a highlighter or pen & mark it all up.  This is just one of the many things underlined.-  
Neat to learn that Joanna hosted shows/ open houses in her home.  Just like me!!  That was fun to learn.  I love opening up our home & inviting everyone to The Hive a few times a year.  

This line:  Live everyday like it's a Saturday! 
I'll admit sometimes Saturday's aren't my favorite, there is no schedule, usually there's something to run off too but other times it's just plain fun, we're all together & get a lot accomplished.  When I read that it just made me stop & think.  I think that's what a good book is suppose to do, right. 

Seemed to read this at the right time since my hubby & I are facing some decisions, trying to be brave & see if it's the way we should go.  It's both exciting & scary at the same time.  This book seemed to help all those nerves I had & realize things will be as they are suppose to be.  Also, the power of prayer & divine guidance & inspiration.  It was nice to think back, reflect on those times, in my life, where I know I received help & guidance. 

A trip to the Silos is definitely a bucket list item for me.  Staying at the Magnolia House would be sweet too.  Getting to see Chip & Jo around town or at the Silo's would be the cherry on top.  
Guess I better keep working, creating, hosting Hives & save my pennies to get there.  

I think it's actually quite appropriate actually that I decided to post this today because it's Joanna's birthday.  She is an inspiration to so many & just seems like a gosh darn, sweet, down to earth person. Hope she has a wonderful day.  Glad they wrote this great book about their life & journey.  Read it if you haven't yet. You won't regret it. 
{If you've read it comment & tell me which parts stood out to you}  


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