Jersey Joy cookie recipe


Happy New Year friends!  Hope you're year is off to a great start so far.  Our 1st mantel of the year is up. Sparkly & festive!  

I wanted to share a yummy discovery that 2016 has already brought to our home.  Surprising how sweet one little change can bring. My husband's birthday is on Dec. 31st  
{so fun to celebrate with New Year's Eve} 
He requested something a bit different than a traditional birthday cake to celebrate his special day this year.  He wanted oatmeal choc. chip coconut cookies.  So the girls & I did just that for him!  We took our FAVORiTE oatmeal cc cookie recipe- New Jersey Cookies & added some sweet coconut in at the end that produced pure JoY!  
{reminded all of us of eating an Almond Joy}

Jersey JoY Cookies 

1 C. Butter {softened} 
1 C. Sugar 
1 C.  Brown Sugar 
2 Eggs 
1 1/2 C. Flour 
1 tsp. Vanilla 
1tsp. Soda 
1tsp. Salt 
3 C. Oatmeal 
1 pkg. Semi-Sweet mini Chocolate Chips 
1 cup sweetened coconut 

   Cream butter & sugars together then add eggs. Add soda, salt, flour, oatmeal & vanilla to the sugar mixture and mix together well. Add chocolate chips & coconut in at the end & give it a good mix. When everything is combined set in the fridge to chill for 1 hour. {Hard to wait, I know but it will be worth it!} 
 Drop rounded dough balls onto a un- greased cookie sheet & bake for 8 minutes in 350 degree oven.
* Don't skip the chill in the fridge part, I think that is the key.  Try not to eat all the dough either!


I think it's safe to say there's a new cookie in town!  I just knew it was going to be a SWeeT 16 this year.  Happy New Year everyone.  Hope to get back to blogging a bit more this year.  I've missed "talking" to you all on here. 


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Kelly O. said...

those sound really good.... just found coconut in my cupboard the other day that I had bought for some well meaning Christmas treat baking that didn't make the cut--I am making this little cookies today! thank you for sharing!