Pennants, family, cornfields & trophies... a week in pics.


   Hi, happy Saturday!  I wanted to quickly check in  & share a few of my favorite pics that I posted on Instagram this past week. Hope you like what you see & that something might inspire you. 

-Nigara Falls, Canada, Duke University {Go Devils!} Buffalo, NY & Salt Lake City, Utah - 
It's safe to say that I am completely smitten with & have found a new current passion for pennants!  I love vintage & new ones.  Just something about them, they scream Old School to me & you know I like that.  I made this banner to hang up during The Hive last week & just can't bear to take it down so it's still up. I do have a rule though:  I only buy pennants that mean something special or are from a place we've been.  It's always good to start out with a rule or I could have a banner 35 ft. long by now, if you know what I mean.  

Something else I'm completely head over heels with is this display that is currently up over my stove in the kitchen.  Again, more decor for The Hive but lots more to come on this Sporty Decor idea next week.  Can't wait to share!  Be sure to come back & take a peek. 

My 3 girls had the amazing opportunity to participate in a once in a lifetime event with 16,000+ of their friends last week.  Click {HERE} to see what they were a part of & what they celebrated.  Pay close attention at the end, you might just see a familiar face.  Such a proud Mom! 

A little yummy treat to take to some neighbors.  We dressed up some Krispy Kreme glazed donuts with a red sugar glaze, sprinkles, a pretzel stem & a air head leaf & delivered them for a late night treat.  Just because & to celebrate the fabulous Fall season that is finally here.  Hooray! 

I took a day road trip up to where I grew up last week to visit my sweet Grandma.  I also took a drive around our families farm & just had to pull over & take a pic of the corn growing in my Dad's corn field. The colors were just gorgeous! 

For the past 2 years this trophy has been in our home & today it's going to a new home.  I will miss it.  My husband has been the Utah State Giant Pumpkin Growers champ the past 2 years, he took the year off this time so giant pumpkins for us this year. Heading to the weigh off today to see who the new champion will be. 

Hope you have fun plans this Saturday.  Thanks for stopping by & have a wonderful weekend. 


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