All the "BuZz" from The Fall Hive


  Time to re cap another eventful & successful Hive Boutique.  Gets bigger & better every time.  Thanks to EVERYONE who came.  Hope you all left with a few new fabulous things.  There was lots to see this time around.  Thanks to my wonderful friend, Courtney, for coming over & taking some pics for me.  I always get caught up & forget to take pictures so to have a talented friend to hire is so worth it to have memories from the night.  

A giant chalkboard on the porch welcomed everyone to The Hive & all the info. they needed to know was  all spelled out.  

Had to rope off the porch this time because there was so much vintage goodness spread out all over.  LoTS of good stuff!  There were lots of happy shoppers, let me tell you. 

 One of the sights that always thrills me & makes me a little bit queezy too.  ALWAYS a line up out front to get into The Hive.  Thanks so much for all those come early, faithful shoppers.  So impressed that this year people were even bringing their own shopping bags in with them.  SMaRT! 

I always like there to be a focal point in The Hive.  Each & every time it varies from show to show.  This time around it was stacks & stacks of rounds.  All shapes, sizes & textures filled with sweets, treats, this & thats.  Loved the way it turned out. 

 A few pics of some of the H&H things I had in The Hive this time around.  Love to be inspired & create things that are coming up so this time it was all about Fall, school, Halloween & Autumn.  

Stacks & stacks of colorful decorative benches.  They ALL went home to happy homes & will hopefully be used alot, more to come for the Holidays..... stay tuned! 

Love these next couple of pics because it's what I like to call "the calm before the Swarm"  I have all my team of helpers come a few minutes early to get informed, check things out & visit for a bit before it gets busy.  Grateful for all these amazing family & friends who help me pull off such an event.  Couldn't do it without their help! 

Did something new this time around.  I hosted a GiVEAWAY for 2 lucky ladies + a friend each to get into The Hive 5 minutes early to shop.  Since you saw the pictures of the line out front you know what a PRIZE this is.  So great to see the response & excitement over this.  5 minutes is a big deal!  So glad I have these pics of the 1st ever winners of The Hive {5}  maybe we'll have to do it again. 
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-Debbie & her daughter, Melissa- 

-Megan & her friend, Kisha- 
Once the 5 minutes was up the Hive quickly filled up with excited shoppers.  Thanks to the awesome vendors who supplied The Hive this time around with such amazing stuff.  
-Tausha Hoyt, Nicole McConkie, Janet Wilkins, Dana Engemann, Jennifer Reed & TaDa Home Decor- 

-What I like to see, a full Hive!  Buzzing with excitement!- 

Opening night is always such a fun night but I always say that Friday & Saturday are just as great.  They are because there is still a lot of stuff, it is less crowded, you can walk around, take your time & really see what is here.  Vendors usually re stock a bit too {Shhh....don't tell anyone ;)}  This year I had several people come back for a 2nd look on Friday morning, so fun to see.  A BiG shout out to these two friends, who came to help me on Friday morning when it was so busy that I needed some extra hands to help.  Thanks so much Angel & Stacie, you guys saved me!  So fun to see Friday of The Hive just as busy as opening night.  

I think this amazing chalkboard, made by Leila Bird, sums up perfectly what I want to say as I think back on The {Fall} Hive 2014 edition.  THaNK YoU to all who come from near & far to this charming little unique boutique that is only open a few times during the year.  You really make my heart full. I love the connections & friendships I make & the energy I feel every time I host a Hive.  
Thanks again, so much.  Looking forward to having another one very soon. 
{Info. to come- be on the lookout.} 



Kelly O. said...

this is really amazing! I wished I lived closer so I could experience it myself!! (Canada is a bit of a jaunt away from you, however)
I've always wondered how you do it... Do you remove everything from your main level of your home to accommodate the sale? or do you put stickers on your personal décor that say not for sale?

Candice said...

Congrats on a successful hive! It looks like it was super fun!!

megitys said...

It was super fun! I was so happy to get in early and find exactly what I had my eye on. Can't wait for the next one Melissa! Thank you for doing it!