This & That


I wanted to post this picture of my newly "seasonly updated" decorated mantle.
I love changing things up & going along with the season just seems the right time to do it. Time to take down all the bird nests, robin blue eggs & flowery summer stuff & leap into Fall {absolutely my FaVoRiTe season, by the way}

When I did it & stepped back I noticed that it included many of the things I love to collect & had just talked about in my {Collections} post. I wanted to share it with you all.
I'm calling it my little bit of This & That mantle.

I adore all the mix of colors & textures. Glass, wood, candles, leather & metal items with the reds, greens, oranges, browns & blues. Ahhh..... Fall & it's many colors.

This is my favorite spot, I love this little guy. I found him while in Florida at the TJ Max & just knew he had to fly home to roost at our house. Which by the way whenever I go to TJ Max closer to home I can never find anything but I found ToNS of stuff in Florida! I brought home some stuff but had to leave alot behind too.
There is just something about updating & changing things that gives everything a fresh new life!Love it!!


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Nicolle said...

My favorite thing to look at...Melissa's mantle. Love the #5 for 5 Quigley's. You might be getting some owl things from me for Christmas. Whoot, woo! Miss you guys. Tell everyone hi, they looked darling for the first day of school. Watch for my mantle pic, coming soon to FB, or to your e-mail.