-I love to collect things!-
Here are a few things I'm loving right now

old {well worn leather} footballs & baseballs
{I get these thanks to my Dad}
Wire baskets of any size or shape
Owls- glass, wax, wood. I keep my eyes peeled for these little guys. I just love these fine feathered creatures.
Children's books with wonderful vintage pictures
bird nests {that aren't being used anymore}
& bottle, jars of sand.

Ty & I have a sand collection in his office {16 bottles strong} We started collecting on our honeymoon in San Diego 15 years ago. Whenever we get the chance to go to a warm place & walk along a sandy beach we pick up a scoop to bring home. We have rocky, dark sands to the finest whitest sands of the Caribbean. We label each bottle & date it. It is fun to look at them all & remember the time we spent there. Some just have shells, sea glass or little rocks anything to help us remember our vacation there.

We got to add another bottle this week from a little trip we took to Florida. We went to Pelican Beach, with Ty's cousin & his wife, at dusk & walked along the beach. I thought the sand was really soft & we grabbed some shells to. We found a great old mason jar, w/the perfect metal lid, at a little antique shop outside of Orlando to put the sand & shells in.
Another fun memory {preserved}

What do you collect & treasure?
Leave a comment & share, I'd love to know
FYI- I'm working on my H&H Halloween/Fall collections. {Coming in October- so excited!!}


Tarbet Times said...

I'm not creative like you, I wish I was. Right now I'm mostly collecting toys for my grandkids to play with. I also have too many shoes!

The Skiing Wallaces said...

Ok, I LOVE the idea of collecting sand from different places you've been! My kids love to bring home rocks from everywhere, but they just end up getting lost or tossed because I'm sick of stepping on them! FUN!
Oh, p.s.- I need to place a custom order. (BTW- do you even do special requests???) I need a large wooded letter "J" in a cute font that can stand on its own. I'll call you.

Honeybee said...

Mandy, yes I can do special requests. Call me :)