How's your twenty-ten going? {isn't that better than saying two thousand & ten? I think so} I can't believe it is almost April, Peter Cottontail will be hopping down the bunny trail before we know it! :)
These fun numbers were up on our mantle from New Year's Eve through the end of January. It was a great way to celebrate the start of a New Year & all that goes along with that- new goals, a fresh start & looking forward to so many possibilities with the year ahead. I'm also thrilled to say that Hollyhocks & Honeybees will turn 10 this year!! That's an exciting milestone for me. My little business has grown over the years & brought lots of enjoyment & many wonderful people into my life & I'm so grateful for that.
Hope yours has been a good year so far!


Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Happy 10th Birthday H&H.

MartinCrew said...

Happy 10th Melissa!