1,2,3,4... & so much more!

I'm so happy to see Spring getting closer & closer every day {I even have little purple Iris' poking up in my backyard & that is almost unheard of in Mt. Green this time of year!} So before Winter is completely a thing of the past I wanted to post a picture of my 3 girls in a snowy scene. I thought it would be fun to have each of them {twins can share} holding #'s representing how old they are so we would always remember the moment as well as show off some H&H goods! :) These #'s can be ordered individually or as a set {0-9} & can come in a variety of colors, if you are interested leave a comment.
This was taken by my very talented friend, Haley Miller. To see more of her wonderful work & some other H&H #'s being put to use go here. {She is amazing!!}

Can't believe these cute girls will soon be 12, 8&8 this summer-where does the time go? I guess we'll have to take another picture with new #'s. I am going to post more numbers & how I use them for H&H & in my home this week. Excited to share so check back each day!
** just an idea how cute would these #'s be for all you new Mom's out there to lay a cute colored # next to your tiny one & take a picture of them each month during their first year-darling! Another use to jot down!



Dave and Jenny McConnel said...

Your girls are really the cutest things ever!

Syracuse Stake said...

Yaya!! A comment about oneself is always just, well, much loved:) thank you for being amazing yourself....and don't post anymore till I get them edited!! The photos will look so much prettier (can't help the perfectionist in me:)