That's a wrap.... The Fall Hive


Whew,  what a weekend!  Thanks to everyone who came to The Hive, those who write or comment & tell me they wish they lived closer.  It makes me happy to hear that so many of you love & look forward to it just as much as I do.  I thought I would share a few of my favorite pictures from the show this time around. 

 My island set up is always the centerpiece of the show.  I look forward to setting it up every time. I think my favorite thing was adding the flannel blanket, that I purchased from a favorite vintage IG shop @shopthemerrymagpievintage & sticking some of the amazing @aimeeferre  Halloween flags into one of my garlands.  Just put it all over the top! 
-Of coarse lots of sweet treats at The Hive everytime!  This googly eye friend kept a look out for me.  Sure do love those little guys.-
 You know I LOVE school supplies & home decor!  This display greeted all the customers when they walked in the door.  Loved all the color & happiness hope everyone else did too!

                                       -That quote & those apples.  What says Fall more than the visual of oak trees & crisp apples.  Swoon!-

-So much color!  SImply in love with my new line of frames, the Alma Mater series.  Great way to show off your teams colors, display your favorite athlete or just have up in the house year round.-
 Of coarse there  was lots of orange, black & white in the house too.  Those awesome white blocks with the black stenciled letters came out of an old church in Vermont while I was antiquing this summer.  Such a fun treasure to share with my clients! 

-The calm before the swarm!  The Hive is always packed to the brim with awesome fabulous stuff!-

-This shot sums up my happy places- the tower of sweets, candy apples & the island.  Two of my favorite things about hosting a Hive-
More H&H stuff!  I always panic that I haven't created enough things & then am always pleasantly surprised when I set it out & have a hard time finding enough space to put it all.  I even save stuff to set out the next day because I can't get it all out. So remember that when you come to The Holiday Hive in November, there is new stuff set out each day.

 Fun having amazing, glittery & beautiful jewelry in The Hive this time around.  Lots of happy shoppers & I had some happy teenage girls. 

-One more picture of the candy tower & other amazing stuff that was in The Fall Hive-

These next pictures were all taken on Opening Night, can I just say I was overwhelmed & so appreciative of all those who came.  They stood in the rain for a bit, parked a long ways away & walked to The Hive & patiently waited for the doors to open. 

 Here I am welcoming & greeting everyone to the show!  I try to say hello & greet everyone that comes, it means so much to me.  I love hearing where everyone has come from this time around locals, up & down the Wasatch front & beyond. Some as far away as Arizona, Oregon & my one of my favorite states,  North Carolina. Really, so touched that they would squeeze a visit to The Hive in on their trip. 

They just kept coming & coming..... at one point the line wasn't even moving inside the house because there were so many shoppers. First time ever!!!  When I see this many friendly faces & new friends it makes me a little anxious & nervous but everyone is so kind, thoughtful & grateful for the chance to come to such a fun charming show.  That makes me happy!
 Ok, this was AWESOME!!  The FiiZ drink truck pulled right into my driveway & served drinks to all the shoppers & my neighbors.  So great to have them come, I hope they come again soon. I know I was grateful that I had a LiME in the CocoNuT Diet Coke to keep me going the whole night.  

So great to look back on another successful Hive with a happy grateful heart.  Makes me want to do it all over again!  Ok, lets do it in November for The Holiday Hive.  Should be a lot of fun!  In the meantime if you weren't able to come to The Hive be sure to follow @shophollyhocksandhoneybees on Instagram for after The Hive bundles for sale as well as info. about my new frame series, the Alma Mater.  Perfect for Fall! 

Have a great day. 


Heidi German said...

Melissa, it's all just darling and count me among those from far away who wishes she could come and shop! One of these times I'll actually be in town for a Hive, I just know it! ;)

lisa rigley said...

Oh!! I am SO sad!! How did I not even KNOW this was happening?? And, I only live in Layton! :( When will your online store, or next open house be?

Mimi Sue said...

So sorry I had to miss it. I always enjoy your Hive so much. Hope to see you in November! Mimi