Flight of the honeybee- Paint Workshop


Wanted to tell you about the fun day I had with a few new friends at one of my favorite local shops.  I recently teamed up with the amazing owners a fabulous shop called, To Market.  We hosted a couple of blogger events in their cute shop & they introduced & educated us on the most amazing stuff called CeCe Caldwell chalk + clay paint.  
 It comes in all sorts of yummy colors.  Not to mention that the To Market girls have it all stored in the most awesome metal mail sorting cubby bin, it's amazing!  I love how they showed off all the colors to on these wooden paint brushes, so clever. 

Here are the darling owners, Melanie & Holly giving us all the scoop on the fabulous organic, water soluble chalk + clay paint.  Because, well you know you could. 
It's a fairly new company started by a darling couple & it's made right here in the good US of A.
This is my first time ever playing with or being around chalk paint of any kind.  I was a little excited & a bit nervous, not exactly sure why it has intimidates me but it has, but no more.  After they instructed us on the paint they turned us loose on creating a fun barn wood flower holder project.  They had great little vintage bottles for us to choose from, Melanie & Holly had "picked" them themselves from estate sales & such.  Here is an aerial pic of my project before I started to get busy.
 I stepped aside from my station just for a bit to get a pic of everyone getting elbow deep into the paint project.  It was so great to look up & down the table & see all the different color combinations, color palettes & techniques that were being put to use.

My project after a few things done to it.  I put on a layer or greenish/blue paint. Completely covered my board & then with a damp cloth rubbed a lot of it off.  Just leaving a little bit in the grooves of the wood.  Remember I told you this paint was water soluable so it can be rubbed, rubbed again & as much of the paint taken off as you would like.  Awesome!  Then I added some texture with a layering technique, Holly showed us, with the white chalk + clay paint.  LOVED this step.  I painted a few lines of white paint onto the wood, let it dry for a bit, then with a scrapper ran it up the wood as it pulled off patches & streaks of paint.  With the excess that had accumulated on the scrapper I just reversed the scrapper & put the paint back onto another section of the wood.  Gives the look of layering & peeling paint, so cool.
I was just about finished with my project when some inspiration hit.  1- I noticed the two old nail holes on my wood.  So I turned my project upside down so that I could string ribbon through the holes to hang it. 2- I reached into my pocket to get my lip gloss & apply some, I'm ADDICTED to this stuff, 
{please tell me you've tried it.  If not drop what you are doing & run to your local Bath & Body store & get some for yourself, life changing!!}  
& noticed that I liked the coppery color so I decided to apply some shimmery chalk paint to my board. I just added it into the corners & along the edges.  This can be applied thick too to create a layer of paint. 
After affixing a little eye hook, to hold the glass bottle in place & securing it with some metal tape & nails all I had to do was accessorize.  I grabbed a branch of cotton, how cute, {they are currently selling it in the store} a little yellow rose, stuck it into my glass bottle & my project was complete.  Ready to take home with me.  I loved how it turned out!

 We also learned about all the different types of wax, finishes & stains that the CeCe Caldwell line carries.  It's all amazing!  So many different ways to finish off a project.


Here are some of the finished boards.  Love how each one is different & unique.  
As fun as the paint workshop was it was just as fun to walk around To Market & look at all the fabulous things they have for sale.  Furniture, jewelry, candles, glassware, pillows, wreaths, vintage finds & cake stands.  Oh, you know I love cake stands & they have a whole bunch to choose from.  great styles & amazing product for sale. 

If you're interested in finding out more about the classes taught at To Market you can visit their FaceBook page or email them at  

Stop in their shop if you're a local. Trust me I don't think you'll walk out empty handed.  
Tell them the honeybee sent you. 


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