After a honey hole... my cleaning crew!


  I wanted to do a follow up to my blog post from a few weeks ago, We Hit a Honeyhole, because if you're like me you're so happy to find all new treasures but then you bring them home, unload them & you can't even begin to think about cleaning them up & putting them all away.  
{After all, it is exhausting work hitting estate sales & yard sales you know}

Well luckily for me I have the cutest bunch of neighbor boys that always seem to be knocking on my back door asking what they can do. Funny how anything involving water & bubbles turns into fun & not a chore.  They know I have a lot of stuff that requires playing with water & they love to work.  
{Plus, they know that they will usually get a Hi-Chew or two for all their hard work} 

Here they are scrubbing away at the 23 vintage Diet Coke bottles I snagged up that day.  Even Mace & Olly got involved supervising the whole operation.  It's true what they say, many hands make light work. 

As they were cleaning, scrubbing & spraying off with water it was hilarious to hear their conversations.  Who knew that vintage DC bottles would become the coolest binoculars.  I mean come on, how cute is that? 
-This little guy was the first to discover how cool it was to look through the Coke rimmed glasses.  Good thinking, E- 

It didn't take long to get everyone else involved in the fun too! 

When the Coke bottles were all sparkled up they wanted more to wash so I gave them a bunch of plastic candy canes I scored at the DI to polish up.  These quickly turned into little boys becoming old men & using them as canes or jumping around the yard, kicking, slicing through the air & using them as swords. 
Oh, to be a kid again!  The imagination in my back yard that day was sky high.  I loved sitting back & just watching it all unfold.  

These 3 sure worked hard that afternoon but I think they had a lot of fun too along the way. 

Mace & I decided to reward them with one of our go to, anytime kind of yummy treat- Graham Cracker Cookies.  
{We always seem to have frosting on hand. Usually left over from cupcake baking} 
We added sprinkles around the edges to send them over the top. Thought this pic was cute because the kids were on the tramp, in the background jumping, when the discovered what she was holding. I think I snapped it right before they took of running towards us. Trust me they didn't last long all stacked up.  

-You know what I say... Everything looks better on a cake stand & that included Graham Cracker cookies- 

What a fun afternoon it was!  So fun to see others enjoying & having fun with the same things I was giddy about earlier in the day. Just goes to show it's the simple things that bring pure joy.  Makes treasure hunting & putting away so much easier when you have 3 little buddies around who are willing to help out.  Glad for this awesome cleaning crew I have around.  
{Thanks H, W & E. Love you little dudes!} 

Happy Monday! 


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MelanieBrenchley said...

Ok, you are amazing. Love how you make things so fun for all the kids. As in, always. ❤️ your guts girl. ~Mel