Creative Collages for the NeW YeaR!


- I'm back to tell about my fun inspiring weekend -
{It all started with a stack of magazines, alot of glue sticks, lots of scissors & of coarse cupcakes!} 

This has been a NeW YeaRS tradition {introduced to me years ago by my Schmoopy}  for me & I got my 3 sisters &  girls involved.  This year was A&E's first time making a magazine collage & they had a BLaST!  {they loved it so much they made 2 each} The idea behind it is to just look through a wide variety of magazines & rip out anything that speaks to your heart or inspires you. It can be a photographs, quotes, colors ANYTHING.  Then once you have a stack of torn out pages the fun really begins.  You cut out the picture or words that you were drawn to & glue them on a piece of card stock {choose a color that you like} 

How you do this is completely up to you & then Voila- you have a creative inspirational piece of artwork to inspire you for the year ahead!
{I keep mine in the front cover of a binder that I see EVERYDAY!}
The point is to put these pages somewhere you will see them each & every day!

 One word of advice- Don't put a time limit on this project.  We started at 7:00 at night & soon realized by 10:00 that we were all getting tired & didn't want to rush & cram it all together to finish.
So we decided to just carry it over to the next day- good idea!

-The beginning of the night- everything is nicely organized & tidy {it didn't stay that way for long} -

-loved this little ADORABLE Hot Cocoa Cupcake my sister got from Dippidee in A.F.-

-Let the creative process begin!-

-ooh, I LOVE to see the word parties!-

-The end of the Night {a little messer & untidy!} be prepared for LOTS of garbage & scraps to throw away in the end-

-My finished project!! Loved all the colors & every little saying on this page.  Can you find the little Flourish I added to my page to remind me of my OLW for 2011? -

-Em & her pages- love her creatvity!-

-Miss Mace & her pages.  She put hers in school binders. Such a great idea!  I'm glad she looks at them each & everytime she is in class during the day or stuffing them in her locker ;) -

-Audji's pages, she ReaLLY wants a dog!!-

- A happy group of girls!  Thanks to A,B & V for spending 2 days with us Quigley girls. Loved every minute of being creative & positive with them. Love this project!!-

The best part about this project is once you are done & you take a look at what you have created, you can really learn a lot about yourself & what really inspires you. 
{maybe its a color you are drawn to, sayings, or a word that has power to you}
I love looking back at the ones I have created the last 6 years- each year is different & unique.

I truly enjoyed watching my girls do this & loved learning something new about each one of them & each of my sisters too.
It is a simple amazing  & beautiful thing to do!



Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Thanks for inviting us! We had so much fun. I can't believe how fast Emmers was, how Miss Mace cut out EVERYTHING and Audji fit that many dogs in.

That cupcake was legit. They are a must next year!

Love ya!

Ticey said...

Hi Melissa, I loved this idea, I am going to have to do this with my girls. I am thinking Austyn would love to do it too!! You are just full of the funnest ideas. I love to check your blog every day! Love Ya, Becky

Honeybee said...

Becky- Yes, you should do this with all your girls. I'm sure A would like doing it to. My girls liked to look through The Friend too to find things for their collages. Just an idea :)

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

I love this Meliss! I had a good laugh when I saw Audrey's collage full of dogs.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for inviting us. It was so much fun! I put one of my collages in my binder at school and I love looking at it everyday.

Chris and Paige Bell said...

What a cute idea. I love how you make opportunities for people to create something all their own. And, I saw the marshmallows on the hot chocolate cupcake and immediately got up and went to the kitchen to get some marshmallows to eat.