Colorful Birthday Party idea


If you're looking for an over the top, super fun thing to do for any upcoming birthday party, celebration or family get together I have an colorful idea for you. 

It was my girls birthday a couple of weeks ago.  They are getting a bit older so I wondered what we could do that we be a little more appropriate for "tween" aged kids & still be a lot of fun!  I got inspired by a picture a friend posted on Instagram.  She had a RAD party for her teenager so I messaged her & got the details.  You know that powder that you see used in the color races all over the country?  It always looks so fun 
{it actually makes me what to try & do a 5K just to be a part of it... but now that I know I can just order it in I don't think I'll have to enter a race to get color splatted}  

I found about about a local company Hippie Powder that supplies all the powder for the races, contacted them & ordered in a bunch of the colorful stuff. {It's just dyed corn starch} There is a variety of colors to choose from.  We went for the brightest color combos. 

It seems like the older my girls get the simpler their parties become & it's so much easier that way.  They seem to have more fun {it's not so organized & it's a lot less stress for me} We kept it really simple & I had the girls help me with the invites.  Keeping with the colorful theme, they took out their water colors & splatterd paint all over the invites.  Setting the tone for the party right off the bat.

The kids did great in following the instructions on the invitation.  They all wore white shirts & were ready to have fun!  So glad I had mentioned bringing a white shirt that you wouldn't mind getting a bit colorful.  Most of the color washes out but there is still a bit of color left behind.  The powder came in 1 lb. bags. I just divided each color into 1/2 lb. bags.  Gave each kid one bag & then we had a count down & then....... it was on!  Color, dust & lots of laughter & giggles!  
{Oh, one more suggestion ask the kids to bring sunglasses. It just protects their eyes from all the dust. Trust me, it's EVERYWHERE!} 
I knew the whole powder party would be over pretty quick & it really was in about 7 minutes.  The 1/2 lb. bag of powder was plenty though for each kid. 

I could only stand standing off to the side taking pics of all the kids having fun so long.  I had to put down the camera & join in! Thinking back, I should have asked somebody else to video & take pics for me.  Another lesson I learned the hard way if you have a party like this is to make sure you SHUT the back door of the house so that there isn't a layer of dust in your home.  Brother!  I'll never make that mistake again, a little bit of unexpected clean up after.  

When all the throwing stopped & dust settled there was color everywhere!  It was so fun to see the kids emerge out of all the colorful dust & hear them all laughing. 

-Birthday girl #1- 
-Birthday Girl #2- 
-Big Sister even joined in on the fun!- 
In the end a colorful bunch of kids! 

-The whole Q family after the color war.  Such a fun evening in our backyard celebrating A&E's birthday- 
I decided to run with the color theme & serve sherbet in sugar cones. Bright, colorful & yummy! The kids loved it after their color war. 

One thing I would suggest if you have a party like this is do it pretty early on so that the "dust can settle" & the kids can shake it off a bit as they continue to run around & play.  We had the kids go out into the park & play kickball.  Funny to watch the dust flying as they rounded the bases. Also.... having an air compressor around was pretty handy. The kids really liked lining up & getting sprayed with all the air. I liked standing by & watching all the color fly off of them. So funny! 

 A great way to celebrate in style!  Lots of fun memories, laughter, & FuN!  This really was an easy party to put together & the Hippie Powder made whole night.  


Have a great day! 



Anonymous said...

Hey! This sounds like a great party! I couldn't help noticing that your daughter (maybe?) Happened to have a BYU shirt on. Are you a member of the LDS church?

Honeybee said...

Yes, we are! Go Cougars. ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you think this would work at a 5 year old birthday party??! Or too young? I just think this is such a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

how did you clean up the mess on the grass???????:)

Anonymous said...

how did you clean up the mess on the grass??????:)

Honeybee said...

It mostly went on the kids than the grass. Didn't even really notice it or worry about it. If all else, turn on the sprinklers & it's gone ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks I am so going to use this for my daughters 11th birthday!!!!!:)

Jennifer S. said...

Such a fun party! We are going to do this for my daughter's 8th birthday. I see that the color doesn't come off the shirts completely. Did you have any issues with the kids' shorts or shoes?

Anonymous said...

I did the color run and it was amazing!!! All the color came out of everything!!!! Doing this for my next birthday!